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2017 BMW 7-Series review, release date, price

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BMW has given lots of efforts for their 2017 BMW 7-Series. This car will be their new hope to dominate the marketplace. What makes it different? There hasn’t been any official information regarding the details of the car. It remains concealed for this moment. Many car experts have given some predictions and reviews, though. They consider it won’t be much different than the previous version. Perhaps the only alteration is on its modern gadgets. Overall, this car will be an outstanding model when compared to any cars in the same class. Here are some rumors related to the new BMW 7-Series 2017.

2017 BMW 7-Series review, release date, price, refresh, specs

2017 BMW 7-Series refresh

Are you interested in a modern and comfortable car? The new generation of 7 series will make you amazed. This is an extravagant car with amusing features. This car will undergo a slight change in its appearance. It will become more aggressive and stunning. The body surface is quite immaculate as well. At a first glance, this car looks modern and stylish. It’s perfect either for a family or young people.

The upcoming version of BMW 7 series will be more streamlined. Its bodyline will improve due to the increase of a stylish car. Moreover, this car will be more amusing in its front column. The front part of this car will be bigger and aggressive. It represents the energetic and sturdy car. What about the front grille? It remains unique as it uses the same BMW mark. Also, the headlights will be more forceful and outstanding.

2017 BMW 7-Series review, release date, price, refresh, specs


Being outstanding both outside and inside is a good thing. 2017 BMW 7-Series will provide a comfortable cabin with high-quality seats. The seating uses great leather and the design includes lots of wood accents. The seats are also adjustable to match the comfort of occupants. This car also has some excellent technologies like night-vision and side-view cameras. As for the driver, they won’t get disappointed with car’s interface system.

Even though the system is quite complicated, there won’t be any difficulties to access it. The dashboard may get some improvements in the term of layout and appearance, though. Perhaps people may consider this car as a limo-like. It’s quite spacious and improved. There’s even a dynamic driving control system to support the driver.

2017 BMW 7-Series review, release date, price, refresh, specs

New BMW 7-Series 2017 specs

Having a good design isn’t enough. The new BMW 7-Series 2017 will also include a strong engine with different power options. There will be 5 different models with different engines. The best one as always will be a V12 powerplant with 6.0-liter capacity. It will produce at least 540 horsepower with around 560 pound-feet of torque. Also, all the engine options will use the same drivetrain. They will be equipped with an 8-speed auto transmission with AWD system. It means the new BMW 7-Series will be a nice car which can run fast either in the terms of top speed or acceleration.

Alle new BMW 7-Series 2017 review, release date, price, refresh, specs

2017 BMW 7-Series release date

Many people have been waiting for the 2017 BMW 7-Series release date. They are expecting this car to be available in the marketplace soon. The rumor has it. It will be hit the street at the end of 2016. What about the price? As for the cost, buyers should spend money at least for $83,000. It can be more than that, though.