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2017 BMW i8 price, changes, specs

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There will be an increase of demand in elegant cars. 2017 BMW i8 might be a new option in such car segment. This new version of BMW i8 is quite stylish and luxurious. Whenever you go, you will get the attention from the people around you. It combines the advanced technologies with a sporty nuance. People will find their pride by driving the new generation of i8. What are the improvements made in this car? Mostly, people will expect a more powerful engine with hybrid qualities and more powerful torque. Don’t forget, the new BMW i8 2017 is quite handsome too either inside or outside the cabin.

2017 BMW i8 changes

In the terms of exterior appearance, the 2017 BMW i8 may use a lower weight. The body, chassis, and other parts are made of aluminum and fiber. These are very powerful and lightweight materials. The futuristic concept of this car is outstanding. There are even laser headlights on the front part of this i8. The lights are installed below the bumper. This will make the car more aggressive and sporty. You might also find regular and iconic butterfly grill on this car. The grill adds the sturdiness of the car. Not to mention, there’s a big bumper providing more powerful appearance. At the back of the car, there are sharp tail lights. They make the car looks sportier than ever.

2017 BMW i8 price, release date, changes, specs


Aside from the physical appearance of the new BMW i8 2017, you should take a consideration about its interior design. It’s as sporty as you can find outside. Inside the car, you will find comfortable seats covered by leather. They are all adjustable to give either comfort or luxury. In terms of security, there are reliable auto air bags and sturdy safety belt. The cabin is enhanced as you can find some infotainment systems including big touchscreens and high-speed internet connection. Overall, you will get both the comfort and entertainment while driving this elegant car.

2017 BMW i8 price, release date, changes, specs

New BMW i8 2017 specs

Is the new BMW i8 2017 strong? You can choose two engines with different power. At the basic option, you will get an engine with 2.0-liter capacity. This engine can produce at least 300 horsepower with 200 HP from its electrical motor. The second engine uses 3.0-liter capacity that can produce 480 horsepower with 108 HP of an electrical motor. Both of them use 9-speed transmission, which can reach 60 mph in 4 seconds. The 2017 BMW i8 offers more than just a handsome appearance. In the terms of engine, it’s quite competitive too. You’ll feel the excitement while driving the car.

New BMW i8 2017 price, release date, changes, specs

2017 BMW i8 price and release date

BMW i8 fans and enthusiasts have a wish about the launching date. They hope it will be sooner in 2016. Yet, there’s no official information about the 2017 BMW i8 release date. There’s also no precise announcement about the price. Some people have anticipated the price around $140,000. It can be less and more according to the manufacturer’s policies. Overall, this hybrid car gives you an elegant driving experience with amazing features. The BMW i8 2017 price isn’t high if compared to the qualities. This car is your future in driving.