2017 Chevy Corvette Zora, price, specs, review

Corvette team becomes stronger with Zora Duntov. Now they are making a nice come back with their 2017 Chevy Corvette. This new Corvette will be improved in many ways. With many rumors going around among people, it seems the company puts lots of expectation to their new car. They will focus to make this car faster on the road. The new Chevy Corvette 2017 will be more impressive in the terms of details. The major development will be around its performance and speed. The manufacturer has been working hard to make this new version of Corvette stronger and more reliable than the previous model.

2017 Chevy Corvette review

The new 2017 Chevy Corvette will make a good debut in the marketplace. You can learn its value based on the exterior. Most people determine the quality of a car based on the appearance. The cockpit will be down and forward a little bit. The front part of this car remains pointed and it has elongated edges. You can also find a wider track with a big splitter to improve its performance. The manufacturer has decided to retain the suspension quality of this car. Perhaps you will get astonished with its spoilers. In fact, the car will come with dual spoilers. It will make it more appealing and aerodynamics. This model will be different than the others.

2017 Chevy Corvette Zora, price, release date, specs, review


Being beautiful outside isn’t necessarily bad inside. The car also uses includes a nice design with a luxurious concept. It will be more elegant when compared to the previous version. The 2017 Chevy Corvette will make you amazed with its high-quality leather material, especially at the seats. The cabin will be more comfortable as you can enjoy the luxurious space with many amenities. The infotainment inside the car is just amazing. You can take advantage of its advanced audio system with a nice control panel through a big LCD screen. Overall, this car will ensure you to get fun while driving.

New Chevy Corvette 2017 specs

A good car always has a powerful engine. Perhaps you wonder what kind of engine the new Chevy Corvette 2017 will use. Based on rumors, it uses the same engine as Z06’s. The only difference is its power. The car is able to produce at least 750 horsepower with 710 pound-feet of torque. You can choose some transmission choices that are similar to those of the previous model. It can be the 7-speed manual gearbox or an 8-speed auto transmission. You won’t get disappointed with its performance for sure. The car is able to sprint up to 220 mph.

2017 Chevy Corvette price and release date

Have you been waiting for its launching? The new Chevy Corvette 2017 won’t be on the marketplace before the first quarter of 2017. The specific date of the launching hasn’t been announced yet by the manufacturer. You should wait for the further updates regarding the launch of the car on the market. What about the price. When it comes to the price tags, you can’t expect less than $150,000. The 2017 Chevy Corvette car is quite excellent so you need to spend more money. In fact, you should pay more if you pick a better trim for this car.

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