2017 Dodge Challenger concept, redesign, price, changes

Dodge Auto Company will launch 2017 Dodge Challenger in the next year. As a muscle car lover, you should find out about this car. Dodge Charger has been in the list of the best American muscle cars in the world. Now, the car designers are toying with some ideas to give some improvements for this new model, its redesign in the first place. They want to replace the recent model with a stronger, stylish, and swift concept. It’s no longer a commotion as many people have been waiting for this new car. There’s a speculation about the changes and success of the new Dodge Challenger 2017 in the global auto market. You need to sneak some information about this upcoming car.

2017 Dodge Challenger changes, redesign, price, release date

2017 Dodge Challenger redesign

The new 2017 Dodge Challenger will combine the classic look of a muscle car with a contemporary nuance. The car will be more elegant and stylish. The car designer will use a revised frame to improve the car’s appearance, especially on the side part. You can find some significant changes on the frontal part of the car. The most noticeable modification is on the grille. It becomes metallic with LED headlights ornaments. Overall, the car becomes more aggressive and sporty. The design seems quite similar to the previous version. The car also uses 20-inch alloy wheels with high-quality aluminum. This will sum up the modern concept of the car.

2017 Dodge Challenger changes, redesign, price, release date

Interior concept

The 2017 Dodge Challenger also gives some improvements inside the cabin. This car includes functionality, luxury, and comfort. The car can accommodate 5 adults inside the cabin. There will be more space for the legs so you won’t feel the discomfort. In the terms of comfort, the car includes more comfortable seating with high-quality leather. Moreover, there are many features and systems to make the drivers more convenient and safe while driving. In a nutshell, this car isn’t just only for a display. It also uses some high-techs including dual control of climate system with an automatic feature. Not to mention, there’s also a crash warning system installed inside the new Dodge Challenger 2017.

2017 Dodge Challenger changes, redesign, price, release date

2017 Dodge Challenger changes specs

Another imperative aspect of Dodge challenger will be its engine. This model is famous due to its powerful and massive engine. The newest version will give you more than ever. According to a reliable source, there’s a V6 engine with 3.6-liter capacity. It will give you a powerful torque and speed for an impressive performance on the street. Perhaps there’s another engine option with a stronger performance. It will be a V8 engine with 6.2-liter capacity. Of course, it will give more torque and aggressiveness.

New Dodge Challenger 2017 changes, redesign, price, release date

New Dodge Challenger 2017 price and release date

There are many speculations about the price and release date of the new Dodge Challenger 2017. There will be an estimation of the price around $39,000. It can be more for the better trim. When it comes to the launching date, it’s likely at the end of 2016 or in September. The Dodge car manufacturer hasn’t given any official information about the launching date. Fans have a hope that it will be sooner than the rumors. After all, the changes and modifications are worthy. You need to wait for the authentic information related to either the 2017 Dodge Challenger price or release date.

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