2017 Ford Explorer redesign, review, price

Ford Motor Company will try to compete with other car manufacturers in the terms of strength. There’s a future car with a huge potential for an adventure. The 2017 Ford Explorer has been developed in order to satisfy people’s demand. This full-size SUV has many benefits for its owners. It provides both comfort and amazing accommodations. Your family will feel comfortable when riding this car in a spacious room. In fact, Ford Explorer series have been people’s choice since the 90s. This new Ford Explorer 2017 will offer more than a comfort, but also sturdiness, great appearance, and many more. The manufacturer has been working hard to provide something new for the fans.

2017 Ford Explorer redesign, review, price, release date

2017 Ford Explorer redesign

Although there’s no exact information about the exterior part of the car, some media have made speculations with the 2017 Ford Explorer redesign. This full-sized SUV will use enhanced aerodynamic format with an improved appearance. You can see a more muscular appearance from this car. Thus, the car will combine both an exoticness and class. Its aggressive design will blend luxurious concept and sporty gazes. There are narrow and modern headlamps at the corner to the car. You can also find a new design of grille on the car’s head. All the lighting includes LED technology for more reliable and efficient quality. The car is built with ultra-light material so it will be lighter and more economical.

2017 Ford Explorer redesign, review, price, release date

New Ford Explorer 2017 interior review

The new Ford Explorer 2017 will give a good impression as well in the terms of interior design. It uses debonair concept as the inside theme. There are 3 rows of seating in the cabin that accommodates 7 adults without hassles. A modern dashboard is installed with a sporty and functional quality. You can use the touch screen panel that accommodates lots of system including a new infotainment and navigation system. This car also uses a brand new system with more functional features such as Bluetooth, USB, and even a climate control feature. You won’t get a disappointment when driving this car.

New Ford Explorer 2017 redesign, review, price, release date

2017 Ford Explorer mpg specs

Aside from a great appearance, the 2017 Ford Explorer also has an improved V6 engine with 3.5-liter capacity. This powerful drivetrain will produce at least 290 horsepower. The torque produced will be around 250-pound feet. There’s an additional option with EcoBoost feature. Such engine produces more power up to 363 horsepower. Those engines will accompany the 9-speed auto-transmission. They will support AWD system of the car. Overall, new Ford explorer can be a real deal in any types of terrain. In fact, you can drive the car in pride.

2017 Ford Explorer redesign, review, price, release date

2017 Ford Explorer price and release date

What’s the release date of the new Ford Explorer 2017? The company remains silent about the exact launching date. Yet, there are some rumors around people. This car will hit the market in early 2017. There’s a rumor about the price as well. It says that new Ford Explorer will be around $30,000. It means you can buy this car in an affordable price if compared to other cars in the same class. The most challenging rivals to the 2017 Ford Explorer will be Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander. Are you interested to buy the car?

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