2017 Ford Focus RS price, specs, 0-60

Ford enthusiasts will be hectic to gather information about 2017 Ford Focus RS. This new compact car will make a commotion in the market, especially in sedan segment. This latest Focus has a modern concept with some updates and features included. The new generation of Ford Focus will be an outstanding competition in its class. It will challenge many high-quality sport cars like Subaru WRX STi, Volkswagen Golf R and Honda Civic Type R. This car is undeniably popular and innovative. People will choose this car due to its performance and beauty. Whenever this car is launched, the fans will be in an uproar. Yet, the official information about the new Ford Focus RS 2017 remains unknown. You can only learn from some rumors and unofficial reports.

2017 Ford Focus RS price, specs, 0-60

2017 Ford Focus RS review

The outside appearance of the 2017 Ford Focus RS seems great. It’s quite similar to the previous concept. You’ll find a slight change on the grille. In fact, you can see an additional grille installed on the headlights. All the lighting will induce the LED technology. The front bumper remains the same and there will be some air admissions on it. Aside from the grille, lights, and bumper, there will be also slight improvements in the terms of design. This model becomes sleeker and more concentrated. The manufacturer will use the more lightweight material so it will be more economical in the terms of fuel.

2017 Ford Focus RS price, specs, 0-60

New Ford Focus RS interior redesign

New Ford Focus RS 2017 will include more refreshed interior design with some refinements. This car also installs new safety systems with dropped wagon. It will be replaced by more comfortable rooms. The most noticeable alteration is its orientation. The new Ford focus will use new Sync interface which is hands-free. The car also includes more stable control than the previous type. The side airbags will make sure both driver and passengers are safe. Lately, Ford hasn’t gained a positive result related to the crash tests. In this case, they need to provide better safety features in the next 2017 Ford Focus RS. Side-impact bags will be the basic requirement.

New Ford Focus RS 2017 interior redesign

Ford Focus RS 2017 specs, 0-60

In the terms of engine, under the hood of the new Ford Focus RS 2017 you will find an amazing turbocharged EcoBoost engine with 2.2-liter capacity. It can produce around 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Perhaps you don’t feel a significant difference between this new model and the previous one. However, there’s a slight speed improvement based on tests. Previously, the 2016 Ford Focus runs from 0 – 62 mph in 4,7 seconds while with this new model, for the same time, will be able to reach 70 mph. This powerplant will come paired with 6-speed manual transmission. There’s also a significant alteration in the terms of hub. Ford Motor will use a back hub instead of the front angle. They will compete with Volkswagen in this segment.

Ford Focus RS 2017 price, specs, 0-60

2017 Ford Focus RS price and release date

You shouldn’t believe anything before the official information about the new Ford Focus RS 2017. Ford Company will release the car in the US market indeed. Perhaps, you can see this car on showrooms around late 2016. There will be a production limit for this model. In the terms of price, this car won’t be less than $35,000. This car will be the main competitor of Volkswagen Golf and Subaru WRX. Both the 2017 Ford Focus RS price and release date remain a mystery. Most people and experts are expecting more improvements made for this car. Are you interested in buying this car?

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