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2017 Ford GT Price, Engine Specs, Interior

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2017 Ford GT price, engine specs, interior

The 2017 Ford GT will be the 2nd generation of the Fords supercar. The Ford GT should be reasonable successor of the Ford GT40 that came out 4 decades back. This luxury supercar was created as an answer to the Ferrari lineup of vehicles, and it actually ended up being so. At the Le Mans, it won 4 times in a row. Although the first generation could not go on for more than a couple of years back then, Ford hopes to change the story this time with the new Ford GT 2017.

2017 Ford GT price, engine specs, interior

2017 Ford GT review

The all-new Ford GT will be sleek in design and look more aerodynamic in design, allowing it to be speedier and a more capable performer. With a signature sloped nose and a long wedge shape, the vehicle will look futuristic in appearance. Its aerodynamic will be improved while downforce and stability will be enhanced. Its back end will look more advanced than the GT models that came out earlier. It would have a rounded and sloped windshield that will enhance visibility and cut drag. Use of carbon fiber in its construction will make it drop excess pounds from its total weight. Beside that it will have improved acceleration, handling, safety, braking and efficiency. With doors swinging upward, entry and exit from this vehicle will be easier. On the rear, the new 2017 Ford GT has active rear spoiler which has ability to adjust its height and pitch angle depending on driving conditions.

2017 Ford GT price, engine specs, interior


The internal cabin will make the vehicle usable and more controllable. Its steering wheel would be inspired by the F1 cars, and will be adjustable in nature. Its seats will be covered in fine quality upholstery and integrated straightaway into the monocoque shell of the car. The fixed seating position along with adjustable pedals and a steering wheel will allow easier driving. The dash will comprise of a big LCD display which can be adjusted to display various kinds of details on the basis of driver preference or type of driving.

New Ford GT 2017 price, engine specs, interior

New Ford GT 2017 price and engine specs

The new Ford GT 2017 will draw its power from a 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine, which is quite the same that can be found in the present version of Taurus or Explorer from the Ford stable. Although small in size, it will generate a huge power of 600 horses. Buyers can expect huge efficiency from this car. A 7-speed, dual-clutch transaxle will send power to its rear wheels, and there will not be any manual transmission in this GT.

The starting price of the 2017 Ford GT will be approximately $400,000. It is expected to come in the market sometime during the last quarter of 2016, although it may end up coming sometime before.