2017 Ford Raptor price, specs, interior

Are you looking for a sturdy semi-truck car? The 2017 Ford Raptor is your answer. There are many changes on this new pickup truck. After all, the car is way much better than before. It’s completely new for those who look for a stronger car to ride. The car includes a high-quality material with upgraded bodywork and interior. The car uses a more powerful engine than the previous version. That’s right. This new Ford Raptor 2017 will bring the real meaning of performance. The car will be as stronger as the 2016 Raptor, and even better. It’s made for the rough terrain as it has a good stability with unique body frame. Overall, it’s the best generation on its lineup.

2017 Ford Raptor price, specs, interior, release date

2017 Ford Raptor changes

It’s too easy to judge a car based on its appearance. But, a physical condition represents the quality of a car. This new 2017 Ford Raptor is the new level of a sturdy car. Basically, it uses the similar design of the previous model. The manufacturer may widen the body of this car for better stability. Both the rear and front bumpers are elevated for better accessibility. The headlights still use the same feature of LED technology. With this, the car will get much better illumination in the dark. The wheels are strong with 17-inch AT-TA tires. The entire tires are designed to enhance the truck’s ability to climb rocky terrains.

2017 Ford Raptor price, specs, interior, release date

New Ford Raptor 2017 interior

The new Ford Raptor 2017 brings the pride in the terms of the interior as well. You can check inside the cabin. There are comfortable leather seats with amusing details. The steering wheel is wrapped with high-grade leather and there are some panels for the moon roof. What’s about the size? It isn’t a family car. You shouldn’t carry more than 4 people inside this strong car. Ford’s people haven’t given any information about the cab configurations. It’s likely there’s an extended quality of the cabs too. The seats look sturdier than regular cars. The panel is good with different functionality. One word, it’s the best interior ever.

New Ford Raptor 2017 price, specs, interior, release date

2017 Ford Raptor engine specs

Under the hood, there will be some improvements too. The 2017 Ford Raptor uses a V6 engine with 3.5-liter EcoBoost capacity. The car will run at 4510 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque. This engine gives much power, but not efficacy. The EcoBoost system will fix this type of problem. Combine with the EcoBoost technology, this pickup truck includes 10-speed auto transmission. You can use its F1-style shifters to change the transmission level. This new technology will bring fuel economy and better gearing.

2017 Ford Raptor price, specs, interior, release date

2017 Ford Raptor price and release date

Some people can’t wait for the launching of 2017 Ford Raptor. At least, the car will be on the marketplace at the early of 2017. What’s about the price? There’s no information about the exact price of this new Ford Raptor. Perhaps it’s no less than $50,000. Some experts say that it will be around $54,000. After all, this car will be a dangerous competitor for Tundra TRD and Ram Wagon. This latest version of the new Ford Raptor 2017 will be an improvement for its predecessor. It’s much bigger with many improvements included. It’s just a car that you will need in the future.

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