2017 Honda Accord price, redesign, specs

Honda car manufacture is working hard on their new 2017 Honda Accord. People have been expecting something great about this car. There will be some upgrades and changes coming with this car, especially in the US market. The latest news says that this model will use the design of Accord Spirior. There’s also a rumor that this car will be similar with the latest TLX. However, it includes more appealing ads-on that attracts more potential consumers. Recently, people have gathered information about the new Honda Accord 2017 in the Chinese market. The manufacturer also makes the US and Europe as their primary markets.

2017 Honda Accord price, release date, redesign, specs

2017 Honda Accord redesign

In the terms of exterior, the 2017 Honda Accord uses improved physical body line for better aerodynamics. The front part of this model use fresh body lines with formed hood. Consumers will expect something luxurious of the appearance of this car. There will be new light bulbs in front of the car with new fog lights and attractive new grille design. The fog bulbs will be the main features as they give a more aggressive look of this car. The car also includes ACL bulbs to improve the visibility when driving in the evening. Perhaps this car also includes larger wheels compared to the previous model.

2017 Honda Accord price, release date, redesign, specs

Speaking about the interior part of the new Honda Accord 2017, you will get high-quality seats with comfortable and foldable design. It gives more spacious room inside the cabin. This car also supports all types of item you want to bring for your vacation. Due to its collapsible seats, you are able to put extended items inside. Don’t forget about the infotainment features as you will get modern technology including a touch screen display. This car combines the interior style of TLX and Spirior. The 2017 Honda Accord will use satellite navigation and a high-quality audio system. Overall, you will get a more comfortable and fun driving experience inside this car.

2017 Honda Accord price, release date, redesign, specs

New Honda Accord 2017 specs changes

A good design isn’t enough to make people satisfied. The new Honda Accord 2017 also comes with a powerful engine. The new 2017 Accord includes a V6 engine with direct injection and 4-cylinder capacities. Thus, the car can produce at least 190 horsepower. This power will be supported by an 8-speed transmission. New Honda Accord is more economical as it has better aerodynamics and fuel economy. Although this car is still in its growth phase, people are able to predict the efficacy of the car. The strongest engine option of this new model will include a turbocharged feature. Yet, there’s no official information about this engine.

New Honda Accord 2017 price, release date, redesign, specs

2017 Honda Accord price and release date

Many people have anticipated the 2017 Honda Accord release date. The car will hit the market at least at the end of 2016. In the terms of price, there’s no official detail about it. The estimated price can be from $27,000 up to $34,000. It will be more expensive if the car includes more features. Overall, this car will be a tough competitor against some quality cars including Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima and Chrysler 200. The new Honda Accord 2017 will be in some showrooms in some countries, especially in the United States.

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