2017 Honda Fit release date, price, specs, changes

One of the new models from Honda is going to be released soon. It is the next generation of Fit family, 2017 Honda Fit. This amazing versatile hatchback is going to bring the new design, features and some other kind of stuff. So, get ready for the new Fit that will be out soon. Before it is out, you might want to check new Honda Fit 2017 first from the outside and inside to help you with the decision to have this new model. Only then you can contact your dealer to purchase it before it reach the market.

2017 Honda Fit release date, price, specs, changes

2017 Honda Fit redesign

As the current model of Honda Fit is already perfect but there still some redesign on the exterior of this new one because it is to get along with the amazing yet comfortable of interior design of the car. Some of the changes that will be done to the 2017 Honda Fit is about the font part of the car, which is the grill and the LED. Also, the other one like the rear mirror of it should be change as well. Also there are some colors choices that you might like to choose later on related to this exterior design of new model of this Honda Fit.

New Honda Fit 2017 release date, price, specs, changes

New Honda Fit 2017 review interior

The new Honda Fit 2017 interior is going to have some amazing and very comfortable design. There must be some kinds of modification to ensure the driver and passenger feel comfortable with the very spacious areas on the knee and in the head. Also, the cabin is also covered with the superb materials. Not only that, there will be a 7 inch touch-screen for the dashboard. There will also be the kind of security and something like that for the Emergency Stop Signal and such things. The new model of Honda fit would definitely great and comfortable.

2017 Honda Fit release date, price, specs, changes

2017 Honda Fit specs

About the engine of the 2017 Honda Fit, it is stated that this new series is going to offer the consumer with the kind of trio modes of driving, which will incorporate the; Engine drive, EVdrive, and also the Hybrid drive. It also means this car is going to have three engine options. First, it must be 1.3-liter unit that will have the 99 hp. Second is the inline four with 1.5-liter of displacement with the power of 130 horses and the additional hybrid options which is 4-cylinder 1.5-liter engine. The last one is assumed to have consumed 85.6 mile per gallon. There is also a rumor that it will be available with 1.0-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine. Despite its size it will be able to deliver 130 horsepower which means that it could replace 1.5-liter engine.

Honda Fit 2017 release date, price, specs, changes

Honda Fit 2017 release date and price

The 2017 Honda Fit is expected to be out in the market sometimes in the year of 2016 but to be exact when is still out of question. That is because the company itself has not given us some hint yet about it. It is the same as the price of this new car. However, based on the appearance and also the kind of engine used, the new Honda Fit 2017 is expected to have the price around $16,000 for the basic and $21,500 for full equipped car. So, decide to choose the car that you really want to drive.

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