2017 Honda Odyssey release date, redesign, changes, interior

People are talking about how good 2017 Honda Odyssey will be regarding the design and features. This famous minivan will come with some improvements and alterations. Of course, it will have better performances too. This new Odyssey will be the 5th generation in its lineup. This upcoming model will use the new platform and it resembles Acura MDX design. Honda will pay more attention to their new car. It seems that the car will be more spacious with a comfortable interior. What’s more? You should gather as much information as possible from many different sources to learn its details. Up to now, there are only some rumors about the new Honda Odyssey 2017.

2017 Honda Odyssey release date, redesign, changes, interior

2017 Honda Odyssey redesign

First of all, you need to learn about the exterior. The 2017 Honda Odyssey will undergo some changes regarding the style. It will be more sustainable with an aggressive look. The body lines become more modern with some modifications. The manufacturer will decide to maintain its lightweight quality so it remains fuel-friendly. Honda wants to make this car more affordable for customers. The redesign concept is made both in exterior and interior part of the car. The car includes the normal exhaust pipe with some adjustments in its overall performance. In the terms of appearance, the new 2017 Odyssey will represent both luxury and modernity.

2017 Honda Odyssey release date, redesign, changes, interior

New Honda Odyssey 2017 interior changes

The new Honda Odyssey 2017 has been a new hot topic among people. This new model will be one of the most popular minivans in 2017. It offers a nice log cabin with impressive interior design. The most important thing that you can get from this car is the storage capability. It can store lots of item at once. The design doesn’t change a lot when compared to its predecessor. The seats will use high-quality leather so you will feel the comfort during the ride. As a result, you will be more comfortable when taking a long trip. This car is also suitable for a family trip as it can carry more passengers.

New Honda Odyssey 2017 release date, redesign, changes, interior

2017 Honda Odyssey specs

Just because this car is handsome, it doesn’t mean there’s no power under the hood. Honda hasn’t given a clue regarding what kind of engine used in their new 2017 Honda Odyssey. There’s high probability that the car will use a V6 engine with 3.5-liter capacity. This engine will be matched with a 6-speed auto transmission. Thus, you can get 289 horsepower with 271 pound-feet of torque. You might rely on its great performance for sure. This car will be fuel-friendly too. There’s a rumor regarding the new transmission. Honda likely will use a 9-speed auto transmission in this minivan.

2017 Honda Odyssey release date, redesign, changes, interior

2017 Honda Odyssey release date and price

Due to its features and qualities, the new Honda Odyssey 2017 will be a nice competitor among the marketplace. Plus, the car will beat all the competitors in its class. This is quite a big expectation of the manufacturer. Most people also have been waiting for the launching date of this new Odyssey. Perhaps it will be around the marketplace at the end of 2016. Regarding the price tag, you can expect it around $28,000. The higher version will raise the 2017 Honda Odyssey price up to around $43,000. It’s quite a big number indeed.

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