2017 Hyundai Genesis coupe price, specs, g90 v8

Hyundai is one of renowned car manufacturers in Korea. They have been preparing to make a commotion in the marketplace with their 2017 Hyundai Genesis coupe. They have a great hope with their new Genesis. This sports car should be a fantastic addition for Hyundai’s cars. It belongs to the Coupe model owned by the car manufacturer. The car will use the label N in its part. The market has a good reception through this model. Both the manufacturers and fans put big expectations to the new generation of Hyundai Genesis 2017. What are the alterations made in this car? You can find information from various sources.

2017 Hyundai Genesis coupe redesign

The new 2017 Genesis will use the sports car concept with more enhanced features. This car is able to accommodate 4 passengers. What about the design? The manufacturer won’t forget to make this car more appealing. Both the dimensions and design are better than its predecessor. At the first glance, both the bumpers are bigger than the previous version. It makes this car more attractive and stronger. The lines are futuristic and they resemble the coupe models. The manufacturer put a huge expectation to the design as it will attract more consumers. The headlights will be quite sharp with LED system.

2017 Hyundai Genesis coupe price, release date, specs, g90 v8

New Hyundai Genesis 2017 coupe interior

The new Hyundai Genesis 2017 coupe isn’t only good physically. It also pays more attention at the interior design. If you review inside the car, it becomes sleeker with aggressive design. This car won’t forget to include the sporty details too. The main car will use premium materials with the luxurious concept around the cabin. This car will enter the market with a whole new interior design. It combines both the comfort and luxury. The car also uses advanced infotainment system with wireless technology and many other features.

New Hyundai Genesis 2017 price, release date

2017 Hyundai Genesis G90 V8

What about the engine? You won’t get disappointed with its power. The 2017 Hyundai Genesis will use a twin-turbo engine with 3.3-L capacity. At least, the car will produce 481 horsepower. It’s quite a good number, isn’t it? Yet, Hyundai hasn’t provided actual information regarding the power of this car. It seems that it depends on what trim you might pick later. There’s also a rumor that the car will use a V6 engine with 2.0-L capacity. This one may produce 340 horsepower. The other sources say that the car may include a V8 engine with 5.0-L capacity. It may produce at least 410 horsepower. It means you can feel the power while driving this cool car.

2017 Hyundai Genesis coupe price, release date, specs, g90 v8

2017 Hyundai Genesis price and release date

Hyundai car manufacturer hasn’t gained lots of sales at this year. They want to get a grip in the future auto competition. The new Hyundai Genesis 2017 will be one of their aces to win a competition in the marketplace. Regarding the price and release date of their new Genesis, it remains unknown. Perhaps it will be around 2016 or later than that. The starting price is from $30,000. This number will be higher if you buy the better trims. You should gather more information as there are many details that you don’t know about this new car. It seems the manufacturer hasn’t given updates regarding the price and launching date of their 2017 Hyundai Genesis.

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