2017 Kia Soul price, interior, review, redesign, EV

The series of Kia Soul is going to release the new generation which is 2017 Kia Soul. As we all know, Kia soul is a very amazing compact sport car that many people around the world like to drive. The new one must be very interesting then the previous one. So, before you want to say something it is better to have it checked first, from it is exterior and interior design, its engine, and also its price or the release date in order to prepare the money to buy the car once it is out in the market.

2017 Kia Soul price, interior, review, redesign

2017 Kia Soul redesign


The new Kia Soul model is going to be perfect and fine looking. Just like as the previous one. It just that here there must be some kinds of changing but not that much. That is because Kia Soul has already perfect as you can see at the previous one. The changes in the new one must be on the weight loss, plus the improvement on the aerodynamic abilities. Those are the only change for the exterior of the Kia Soul in the new one. As you might have seen the previous one the LED tailing and the front fascia is already perfect, right?


As the exterior, the interior of this new KIA soul model which is the 2017 Kia Soul also will not be changed that much. Rumors said the change mostly about the choosing materials like having aluminum for the whole cabin, soft plastic and the fine leather. Besides, there will also some update for the infotainment system, safety and some fun features. Of course, those changes would definitely make whoever stays in the car feel comfortable. As you might have seen the previous model of course you are going to like the new one.

2017 Kia Soul price, interior, review, redesign

2017 Kia Soul specs review

Talking about the engine of this new Kia Soul model, Rumor said, it is still the same. That means it has two options that you can choose, which is including the model with turbo charged. By the way underneath the hood you might choose either the 2.0-liter with 164-hp engine or the other, which is turbo with 1.6-liter of 130 horsepower engine. With the engine it is going to have 25 miles per gallon in the city and 31 miles per gallon in the highway. The second one could be connected to the 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission system.

The pure electric version of the new Kia Soul 2017 EV will be available with the 2017 year model. It will probably come with 109-HP electric motor with 210 lb-ft of torque. With this motor current model has EPA estimated drive range of 93 miles while MPGe is rated at 92 / 120 105 miles in city / highway / combined.

New Kia Soul 2017 price, interior, review, redesign

Kia Soul 2017 price and release date

For the price of this amazing new model of KIA Soul it estimated around $16,000 for the basic model but if it is fully equipped then it must be different. The price for the full equipped 2017 Kia Soul is around $22,500. While for the released date, it is expected this very interesting compact sporty car is going to be released in the market by second half of 2016. So, for you who likes to drive the new car, which is from KIA Company then you had better save some of your money in order to have it, once it out in the market.


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