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2017 Nissan GTR review – price, interior, specs, mpg

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For Nissan, it has become annual practice to produce a refined, comfier and revised at the same time luxurious GTR car. The 2017 Nissan GTR is said to be the biggest shakeup of a matured breed and the car has been heavily updated. The improvement made on the car is the interior spruce-ups, the revised looks and the red-misted capability with enough improvement that excites and also appeases the converted car and that lure the newcomers towards the GT-R.

2017 Nissan GTR review price, interior, specs, mpg

2017 Nissan GTR design

The inside design came to be known as the best and extensive departure of this car, but it is not that radical when it comes to the integration and styling. It is cleaner and it is more simplified while there are even few switches and buttons even though it has a freshened evolution that leads to the great leap.

This car is known to be what it is the biggest change to the GT-R from the time that it was introduced in 9 years. The power has been boosted to change from 545 up to 565 horsepower while the torque gets four clicks to reach to 467 lb-ft and this is because of the increased boosts and the ignition timing system which was inherited from the old version. The torque spread is now linear and it combines the refinements to 6-speed dual clutch transmission which deliver the power to be even smoother. The new exhaust system made in Titanium can dissipate the heat in efficient manner.

Length 185.4 inch (4710 mm)
Width 74.6 inch (1895 mm)
Height 53.9 inch (1370 mm)
Wheelbase 109.4 inch (2780 mm)


The cabin of the 2017 Nissan GTR has become even quieter and the car has worked more on the technology of noise cancellation. Other improvements are acoustic windshield, insulation and different noise deadening techniques. The engine can now wake up quieter while the buttons that were used before had been reduced starting from 27 to reach to 11. Instrument panel does drop starting from the outward visibility and to fixed paddle shifters and they have now been mounted on the steering wheel.

You can flip the switchablade door handle and to climb inside where there is the new GT-R leather lined interior that feels more premium compared to the predecessor. Between a clean-up center, there is the stack of larger 8-inch multimedia touchscreen with the controls that are more balanced at the same time sophisticated. The car has been able to improve with the speed. At a highway, the engine is quiet and the passengers can hold a conversation which was not possible before.

Nissan GTR 2017 review price, interior, specs, mpg

Nissan GTR 2017 specs and price

The heart of the new Nissan GTR 2017 is V6 3.8 liter turbocharged engine. It delivers 565 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and maximum torque of 467 lb-ft between 3,300 and 5,800 rpm. This engine comes paired with sequential 6-speed dual clutch transmission with magnesium paddle shifters mounted on steering wheel. With weight of 4,727 pounds and with coefficient of drag of just 0.26 it has EPA estimated fuel economy rated at 22 mpg of combined driving (16 mpg in city and 22 on highway).


The handling and the ride had been enhanced and this is because of the stiffer windshield frame and the light rays wheels. This works for the revised shocks and they enhance even better the compliance. Even with the damping rates, it can remain one and it had reduced frictional losses with the softer settings that allow Bilstein shocks in offering the smooth rise quality in the Comfort and R modes. The car is said that the chassis will not only soften the ride but it will also increase the grip also and yield four percent faster start time.

With the improvement made on 2017 Nissan GTR, there is no reason why you should not own this car. Its Manufacturer’s Suggested List Price starts from $109,990 and it can vary because dealer sets actual price.