2018 Chevy Volt – hybrid electric car

With the previous update of the 2017 year model, this 2018 Chevy Volt is not going to have some big updates on the latest model. There are some minor changes, which you can expect on its exterior and interior, but you can also get the previous model with probably better design.

The next generation of Volt will keep lights and more items that you can find it very useful. Talking about changes you may not get from this new car, you will have a car with enough power but a car with cozy drive that will always amaze you in every condition of your driving.

2018 Chevy Volt range, rumors, price, news, release date

2018 Chevy Volt redesign

From outside there will not be no major changes, but you will also get the best quality of the design. There will be used materials by knowing that your new car will always give you the strength to protect you from the outside bothers. There are some details on 2018 Chevy Volt body, that you may need to look at. Headlights and rear lights are still at the best quality and the latest design of front fascia part is great. When you are looking at the previous year model, you will know that this latest one have the better and modern design for the modern and high technology car.

2018 Chevy Volt range, rumors, price, news, release date

Getting inside the cabin of the new Chevy Volt 2018 you will know that there are some parts of the interior has been upgraded and changed. The first one that you may notice will be about the interior seats and the materials on it. Sometimes people start to notice and understand that each part has the function inside the car. The very most important detail that you cannot miss is the part where you can control the overall activity of your car. There is a channel that you can use in having the complete instruction you can follow in order to know how the engine works and you can always know when to use it.

New Chevy Volt 2018 range, rumors, price, news, release date

Chevy Volt 2018 specs and price

Now we arrive at the powerplant details of the next generation of Volt. Most of modern latest car will give you the details about how the machines have been upgraded and what are the differences that you can get from the car. Under the hood of this modern 2018 Chevy Volt is going to be only one drivetrain. Since the Volt is hybrid version of the car there is a combination of the 1.5 liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine (that drives as generator only) and two electric motors. Power output of the both motors is 149 horses (111 kW) and 294 lb-ft of torque. When drives only on electric power its range should be around 53 miles but when engine supplies 18.4-kWh Li-ion battery pack its range goes up to 420 miles. The 106 MPGe under electric power, or 42 mpg when using the gas-powered generator is a perfect match for your daily routines.

After knowing about the details upgrades from outside inside and the machine you will be curious about the quality of the machines that will make you travel in more powerful engine. Talking about curious now is time to talk about when is time to finally meet this high technology car. The 2018 Chevy Volt release date should be in summer 2017 with base price around $34,000.

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