2018 Dodge Challenger

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR redesign, price, release date, specs – The Dodge Challenger is not your everyday car. It is built with beauty and power in mind. With the cars from Dodge, you are assured of having the best car to move you from whatever location you wish. The Challenger brand has been instrumental in making sure that Dodge earns a place in the luxury car market. Their direct competitors in this field are Mustang and Camaro who have very impressive cars on offer. For this reason, Dodge will aim at making the 2018 Challenger faster, lighter and more affordable since these are the fronts from which the battle is fought. We had a chance to review what Dodge has in store in the form of the new Dodge Challenger 2018. What we learned was both surprising and pleasing. We put everything out here.

2018 Dodge Challenger redesign

2018 Dodge Challenger redesign


The 2018 Dodge Challenger is meant to receive a total overhaul both inside and outside so if you own the current Challenger, you will be seeing a totally new vehicle. For a start, the interior will likely be more compact than before. This is due to the fact that the new car will heavily borrow from the likes of the Dodge Charger which is generally smaller in size. The chances of having a new upholstery are also very high. For example, the car will get a new steering wheel, the seats will get a new design altogether and the gear shift lever will also find some new love in the next iteration. Most Dodge customers will enjoy the new changes as there had been issues about the car being overdue in its design and how it generally looked. With promised changes, expect nothing but the best.

2018 Dodge Challenger price


The exterior is also focused on changing the look of the Challenger a good deal. First of all, the profile will be similar to that of a coke bottle unlike the current version of the car. The appearance will also become more aggressive and sportier than before. Also, the car will get bigger headlights than the current version. The bigger headlights will focus on making it look even more aggressive. They will be made of ring LED DRLs which as both brighter and better at giving out light than the other types of lights. Expect little change at the back. The iconic red strip of taillights will be there as always. If you expect that to go away, then you do not know what makes a Dodge a Dodge in the first place. In general, the original concept will be retained but the car will look sportier than before.

New Dodge Challenger 2018 specs

New 2018 Challenger specs

The engine of the new 2018 Challenger may also be up for a change. While current versions have a V 8 engine that has been the reason many fans of the Challenger have remained loyal, one can expect that the new V 6 engines planned are also as impressive. While it is not a guarantee that the new engines will still attract fans, the rumors suggest that the new car will have a V 6 engine that had been tuned up for the best combination of power, handling and general feel of the car. The move may be away from a Pentastar V 6 engine to either a turbocharged 14 engine or a V 6 one that is aspirated naturally. Also, there is the speculation that a V 6 engine rated at 2.6 liter may make appearance in the new Challenger of 2018. The transmission is expected to go to the 8-speed automatic one which will be bit smoother and more powerful than the current version can offer.

2018 Dodge Challenger release date

2018 Dodge Challenger price and release date

The 2018 Dodge Challenger will likely make its debut somewhere in the second half of 2017. It will be available for purchase during that time. As far as the pricing is concerned, the new car will be a whole lot different than the current ones. For that reason, there is a chance that the pricing will be like nothing we have seen before. Few details about the pricing of this car are known and thus we can only wait for further details to emerge to fix the pricing better. The new 2018 Challenger will, however, be a premium model that costs quite some money.

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