2018 Ford Mustang

2017 is not even here, and those Mustang fans already expect the 2018 Mustang. So far, the glimpse of the new model has been spotted by photographers on the trial tests. The prototype looks pretty much like the previous version of the new 2018 Ford Mustang . There are no substantial changes, and the new model seems to be just developed to remain on the market labeled as the following year. With the Mustang line being one of the favorite sports cars in the United States for years, Ford might be taking the right step preserving the essence of the car.

2018 Mustang refresh

2018 Mustang redesign


The exterior of the 2018 Mustang is not different from the previous Mustangs. It just has minor changes that will define a new personality for the next generation but not a substantial change. On the previous looks during trials, the car is showing new style on the bumpers, as well as the taillights. The rest of the chassis is as the traditional Mustang. The wheels might remain the same, as long as the other lights. You can choose from the classic colors including red, black, silver, white and yellow. Neither the headlights nor the daytime running lights seem to have changed. They all remain the same than the model from 2017, which were already using LED technologies. Since there have been no further advancements on lights, we don’t expect any changes.

2018 Mustang GT500 changes interior


Just like the outside, the interior of the new 2018 Ford Mustang will not change much. It already has all the amenities of modern life. You can start from conveniently located cup holders. The new Mustang is suitable to take up to 4 people comfortably. There is only 1 model for two people, which also has the most size restrictions, but is the best model for the track. The seats are made out of black leather. That makes them elegant, comfortable and appropriate for a classic model like the Mustang. You can also choose to change the seats for sports models, which are perfect for a Mustang classic. The seats have heating and cooling options, which you can control easily, just like another feature of the air conditioning system.

The technology was not set apart from the 2018 Mustang. It has a conveniently located touch screen featuring the latest graphical user interface with an intuitive program to get full control of your car. All movable parts on the car are electrical, and motors get complete control, including the seats. Speaking of seats, the driver’s seat is low like in all previous models and other sports models. There is an app (Track Apps) from which you can check the overall life and statistics from your car. That way you can have a better control of your torque, along with the necessary information to reach great speeds in no time. There are different drive modes to choose depending on the conditions you will be driving. You can select snowy paths, sports, wet areas or even track for racing. You can enjoy the apps and synchronization options. Make use of your mobile device to share your favorite playlist and listen to it on the high-end audio system. Once you listen to it, you will notice that fidelity was in the mind of the engineers that designed the sound system.

New Ford Mustang 2018 news specs

New Ford Mustang 2018 specs

The changes in the mechanics are the most anticipated upgrades for the new Ford Mustang 2018. The previous model was featuring an Eco Boost engine with 2.3-liter capacity. The current engine can give you 310 HP, and it can reach a torque of 320 lb. per feet. So far, the motor is expected to be changed to an automatic model with ten speeds developed by Ford. This upgrade will be similar to the Chevrolet Camaro in 2016. As most sportive cars, the standard transmission has its appeal. On that matter, the capabilities will remain more or less the same. The next generation of Mustang will continue to be a 6-speed auto. Another expected improvement is a better use of gas, which means that engines should be more efficient. As for now, the expected new engine should have 21 miles per gallon consumption when you use it in the city. However, the efficiency comes from the latest motor. If Ford continues its previous policy, you might be able to get still up to an 8-cylinder version of the 2018 Mustang. Since the policies, prices, and conditions are not yet official, we cannot tell. A significant advance around the engine is the launch control to be used only for the track. It consists of the integration of the breaks, along with the powertrain and traction control to get a smooth change and speed.

2018 Ford Mustang release date, price


2018 Ford Mustang price and release date

The new Ford Mustang 2018 is one of the most expected sports models, particularly in the United States. It is expected to be sold to the public during the second half of 2017. It is not official, but according to the timing, that is how it might go. The retail price should not be much different from the prices shown for 2017. You will be able to find a base model for around $25,000.00, but with the least features. If you want the most equipped option, then it might go as high as $64,000.00 depending on the features you chose. It is expected that the 2018  Mustang will keep on with its ascendant sales and revenues, particularly in the United States.

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