2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to come with many benefits and changes to the popular model. A lot of changes are expected in the new model especially when it comes to the high end versions of the car. First of all, the car is expected to have some changes inside and outside which customers will love to learn of. For the most part, the new Cherokee is expected to be the result of a lot of research that has been going on for a while now. The research has been focused on the issues of weight, dynamics, lights and the overall feel of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018. However, the beloved parts will likely be retained as observed from the current versions which have been recycling the features for a while now.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk review

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee review of design


The interior of this new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 will be bigger than all other previous versions. The aim is to be the vehicle the whole family uses to go to trips and other similar occasions. Besides that, the new interior is meant to have a large area for keeping the camping gear or any other materials the family chooses to take with them on their trip. The seats have also been given a new natural cowhide finish which makes them very comfortable and tough enough to ensure longevity. The control board has also been updated with new features which will make the inside a joy to use. The infotainment system has also been improved to the extent that the vehicle has now more usable features than before. The Harman Kardon sound system is now even better than ever as it has received some major improvements to make it better by far. There is the addition of the Blue-beam and the Brembo break system.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee changes


Given the larger interior, one can expect that the outside will also show signs of a bigger size and that is exactly what the new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been spotted with. Do not, however, expect any radical changes the car as far as the exterior is concerned. For the most part, the front end will look like the same front end seen in other versions of the Cherokee. The updates to expect include a new front grille which has been created to allow in more air and create a different pattern around the lights. The lights also have been made into the HID head-lights which are better than other lights. The edges will also likely be made into the 20 inches version for better looks. Owing to the slightly larger volume, the car will have a slightly larger wheelbase to offer more comfort and stability when being driven.

New Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 Trailhawk specs

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 specs

The base model of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018 will come packed with a V6 Pentastar engine rated at 3.0 liters. It will have a pound-feet of torque of 260 and churn out 290 horse-power. If you need the stronger and more powerful version, then go for the 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine which can create a horsepower rating of 360 and a pound-feet of torque of 390. For all models, you get the all-new 8 speed automatic transmission which has been proven to provide the best ride in terms of the smoothness of the ride and the acceleration and deceleration. If you need a car that will give you endless hours of power and fun, look no further than the 2018 Grand Cherokee. With this vehicle, you get a fuel consumption contrasted to the current models by 10 percentage points. You get to speed from 0 to 50 miles in about 10 seconds which is impressive for a vehicle this large. These features point to the fact that this vehicle will be able to tow at least 8000 pounds hitched to it.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee price, release date

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee price and release date

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to be out at the beginning of 2017 which is a great time to roll out with a new car. It is expected to cost anything between $32,000 and $65,000 which is dependent upon the features and iteration of the vehicle you choose to go with. Better yet, the high end model is the one to go for.

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