2018 Lincoln Continental review

The 2018 Lincoln Continental is part of the luxury manufacture of Ford. However, when you think about luxury, the BMW, Cadillac, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz stands out. Lincoln will have to something extraordinary to pull this off. The car maker feels that they can with the release of the new Continental.

Hence it comes as no surprise that Lincoln is leaving no strings attached to make it something special and one of a kind. They have concentrated on the technology, features, and the most important part, comfort. The new Lincoln Continental 2018 will come equipped with the high grade leather but also tiny details like the 30-way adjustable seating that will come with leg pillows and massage heated and cooled functions for both the front and back seats.

2018 Lincoln Continental review, specs

2018 Lincoln Continental review


The exteriors will not be touched much as we can saw in previous releases. You can see the same unique design that it is known for. However, there might be some alterations to the grilled, lights, and bumpers. You can also expect to see some curves with the sleek shape and low roofline. In case you were wondering the Lincoln Continental RWD will certainly not happen. For better safety it will come with Pedestrian Detection and Pre-Collision Assist system. There are some rumors about coupe version of the new Continental which could be flagship vehicle that we have been waited for long time.


The interiors of the car should come with the wood, leather, and expensive materials. But, you might not see the excessive features which are like the advanced dashboard and gesture control. You will notice that most of the reviews on the new 2018 Lincoln Continental highlight immense details which are usually not taken care of on other brands. Seats will be powered and adjustable in 30 different ways and they are going to be equipped with massage option and heating / cooling availability. Sound system will be from Revel and for better comfort the new Lincoln will feature Active Noise Control and laminated glasses for noise cancellation from outdoor.

Lincoln Continental 2018 interior

New Lincoln Continental 2018

The engine of the new Lincoln Continental 2018 is going to be a 3.0-liter V6 twin turbo gasoline engine which can easily power out 400+ BHP and over 400 lb-ft of torque. This car will come equipped with an advanced all-wheel drive system with integrated Dynamic Torque Vectoring system for better stability and handling. Power will transfer to all wheels through a 6-speed auto transmission. There are rumors that the car maker may bring out a 9- or even 10-speed auto transmission to the vehicle later on. With Lincoln Drive Control system driver will be able to chose between three driving modes with different suspension and steering characteristics: comfort, normal and sport

2018 Lincoln Continental price, release date, msrp

2018 Lincoln Continental price and release date

There has been no official communication about the release date of the new Lincoln Continental 2018. However, car sources are aware that the car maker is in its final stages of production and that the vehicle is due for release in the middle of 2017 or later. Some news sources also claim chances of Continental convertible, but that is most unlikely of Lincoln.

The car maker has not officially said anything about the pricing and we are guessing that it is going to be priced within the $60,000 to $70,000 margin. The Continental will see competitors in the form of Audi A8 and BMW 7-series. When you are looking for an executive sedan, then the 2018 Lincoln Continental would be the ideal choice.

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