2018 Toyota 4Runner SUV review news

The 2018 Toyota 4Runner will come with slightly modification on its design. Interior will get few upgraded features while drivetrain will remain intact.

There are various types of cars that you can find on the market these days. These cars came from various manufacturers as well. One of the most popular types of car that you can find these days is SUV. If you are looking for new SUV vehicle with great features, the new Toyota 4Runner 2018 might be one of the best choices that will be available on the market soon.

2018 Toyota 4Runner price, release date, review, news

Exterior redesign of the 2018 Toyota 4Runner

One of the most interesting things about this new SUV from Toyota is its design. Basically, the exterior design of this new SUV from Toyota is quite similar with the exterior design of the 2017 version. However, there are some upgrades and new details that you can find on the exterior design of this all new SUV from Toyota. This car still maintains its muscular look since it’s designed as an off-road SUV. As you can see, the grille came with very aggressive style which can represent the power of this SUV perfectly. The wheel also came with very bulky design as well. There are also mud guards that emphasize the off-road aspect of this car’s design. This car is available in four trim options. These trims are Trail Premium, SR5, TRD Pro, and the Limited Trim.

2018 Toyota 4Runner price, release date, review, news

2018 4Runner interior changes

There are many new features that you can find on the interior of this car. The interior of this 2018 Toyota 4Runner is a perfect combination of modernity and luxury. The gadget board can be found on the custom-made top. 6.1 inches HD touch screen with Spider technology is available for your convenience. The gadget board also came with instrumentation technology called the Optitron. You also can find innovative program that can be used to navigate the gadget board as well. The entertainment system consists of 15 inches stereo system, USB slot, and wireless Bluetooth connection. The cabin offers comfortable space and the area for cargo is quite roomy as well. The seats are covered with high quality leather that not only looks luxurious but also came with very attractive design as well.

New Toyota 4Runner 2018 price, release date, review, news

The new Toyota 4Runner 2018 engines specs

As an off-road SUV, this car came with very excellent performance and magnificent power. The type of engine that is installed on this SUV is a V6 engine with 4.0 liter capacity. With this engine, the car will have 270 horsepower while the torque is 278 lb-ft. The type of transmission that is used in this SUV is five-speed transmission. This car also came with elective run feature that is called KPC or Kinetic Powerful Cancelation. The engine also came with a technology called Double Different Variations Minute Gadget. This technology can provide extra power on extreme terrains. Further details from the manufacturer said that this car might be also available in six-speed and eight-speed transmission as well. This SUV is available in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options.

Price and Release Date of the new 2018 Toyota 4Runner

According to the manufacturer, this 2018 Toyota 4Runner will be released on second half of 2017. The price of this car will be slightly higher than the 2017 version. The rear-wheel drive type will be priced about $36,000 while the SR5 Premium series will be priced about $38,000. The TRD series will be priced from $39,000 to $41,000.

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