2018 Volkswagen Golf R Variant review

2018 VW Golf R Variant review – Different models of cars and other automobiles have been improved a lot in the past few decades. For example, a seventh generation automobile Volkswagen Golf was first introduced in 2012 but this model was not very successful. Then, a new model of Volkswagen Golf was launched in 2015. This model was improved than the previous one. This model was liked by the customers and car lovers because it was larger than previous one and had advanced features like: high convenience level, wide range of gasoline and diesel, four cylinder engines etc. After this powerful model, a more powerful and advanced model of R version was launched. It’s updated version, new VW Golf R 2018, is coming now, with high performance as it’s siblings.

2018 VW Golf R Variant review, Sportwagen, price, specs

2018 VW Golf R Variant redesign


Vehicles of Volkswagen are popular for their upgrades and their new arrivals are following the same. The 2018 VW Golf R, has excellent exterior, with improved front bumper. Grill on front side and LED for headlamps and taillights. The upcoming latest model with have larger central bumper vent and modified side intakes with thinner design. It has a R badge on front grill. Use of LED signatures in headlights and taillights make this model unique because this LED feature is coming first time on Standard Golf.

Test cars can now be seen on streets and roads. Second test car of the new VW Golf R 2018 has been seen with camouflaged bumpers and few changes. This model will come with advanced tailpipes and revised diffuser. Other modifications include new wheel designs and advanced, color plates.



Improved and advanced interior of will make it popular amongst other vehicles. High quality Napa leather has been used for manufacturing of it’s seats. Seats are wrapped in high quality Napa leather. This vehicle has three spoke steering with a log R carved on it. The internal sides of it’s doors has blue color illuminated instrument cluster, and carbon fiber trimmed inside. Finishing has been done inside the whole vehicle.

The interior of 2018 Volkswagen Golf R has distinctions as compared to its previous models. It has facility control inside. There is a driveshaft underneath and you will have easy access to the bin. Facility of ratcheting and telescoping armrest is the part of its interior.


New VW Golf R 2018 specs

The new VW Golf R 2018 will be unique and advanced model of Volkswagen because it has 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. This engine is specifically designed for Golf R. Some features of this upcoming vehicle are not clear yet. But this R model has 292 horsepower and 280 pound feet of torque. Four liter cylinder provides the motivation.

Parts of engine family like EA888 has made it’s place for the new models of VW 2018. The engine models GTI are now popular in Europe and new Golf R has adopted this generation. The R-model for 2018 will use extra power like, Ford has presented the Focus RS, cranking 345 horses and 324 pound feet in Europe, 350 horsepower and 350 pound feet in US. The model with six speed automatic gearbox starts in 4.8 seconds and will have the starting ability more than previous model.

New VW Golf 2018 review, Sportwagen, price, specs

2018 VW Golf R Variant price and release date

Mostly, companies do not tell about the exact release date of their vehicles before time. But 2018 Volkswagen’s release date has been announced. This vehicle will be released in 2017, but the exact date is unknown. There was a big discussion over it’s price. But according to some valid means, the price of 2018 VW Golf R will be $39,375.

The 2018 Volkswagen Golf R will be the new addition in the world of automobiles and vehicles. People who have trust in this company are now trying to get this new version of car.

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