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Aston Martin first released a concept car in 2015 as a crossover sports car with three doors. Contrary to the initial model, the designers have decided to redefine it as a luxury SUV with five doors. Joining the competitive SUV rank, the DBX is said to be powerful enough to edge the competition.
Initially, the Aston Martin designers’ considered making the concept car an electric car as it’s the trend with other SUV’s like the Bentley Bentayga, Jaguar I-pace, Porsche Taycan and Mercedes EQC. Well, no one knows why they changed their minds but it works. Rumors had it that the concept car will come under a different name Aston Martin Varekai. However, during the unveiling, the car was named Aston Martin DBX.

The much anticipated DBX has a beautiful architecture with a robust attitude. Considering it’s a sports SUV car, it has a mean fascia that announces its presence with a certain enthusiasm. Though the prototypes are under a serious state of camouflage, it’s no secret that the car will be beautiful.
Judging by the spy pictures, the DBX somehow mimics the DB10 exterior features modified to create a unique futuristic design with a signature glare. The exterior style gracefully sits with an enlarged version of the brand’s conventional grille, with a pair of slim headlights, and a semi-Dome polished hood. The side skirts sit large vents with fancy outward-swinging doors. As for the rear, it has a full-width taillight resembling a bull’s horn structure.

Compared to its rivals like the Bentayga, Cullinan, cayenne, Audi E-Tron and the I-pace, the DBX holds a lower height with a significant resemblance to the three-door concept car. According to the company’s CEO, Andy Palmer, Aston Martin is investing heavily on long-term credibility in fine designs and luxury segments.

Aston Martin designers’ are putting in their genius ideas to ensure the SUV will be an instant darling to the public. In the meantime, the concept car is undergoing intense treating to make sure it upholds its stature. With that in mind, we can expect the SUV to have impressive performance with stable off-road capabilities.

2019 Aston Martin DBX specs

  • Base Price $221,665
  • Vehicle Layout 4 door SUV ,
  • Engine Estimated V-8 or V-12 engines
  • Transmission 1-speed fixed gear
  • Curb Weight N/A
  • Wheel Base N/A
  • Length X Width X Height N/A
  • 0-60 Mph N/A
  • On sale in the US Fall 2018

2019 Aston Martin DBX Safety features

Aston Martin has been in the car manufacturing industry for over a hundred years. Their cars have been regarded as one of the safest cars on the road. Safety features of the DBX have not been revealed yet. However, it is expected to feature some of the latest technologies that will ensure safety for its passengers. Some of the expected safety features anticipated in the DBX include;

  • Anti-lock brake technology

This technology modulates the braking pressure to allow the tire to rotate even under extreme braking enabling the vehicle to turn easily.

  • Stability control

During the unveiling of the car in Geneva Motor Show, director of design in Aston Martin, Marek Reichmann, indicated that the DBX will be a ‘racehorse’. As a result, it is expected to feature a stability control technology. This technology prevents the driver from losing control even when the vehicle has been subjected to extreme handling.

  • Impact airbags

The DBX is expected to have airbags on the front, side, overhead, knee area and other places within the car. These airbags are supposed to keep passengers safe in case of an accident.

  • Pretensioners

The pretensions help to keep the passengers in the seating position in case of a collision.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Appearance

The Aston Martin DBX will perhaps be the most beautiful and bespoke sports utility vehicle in the world. In their over hundred years of existence, Lagonda Global Holdings has made a name for itself for producing some of the best luxury sports cars. The Aston Martin DBX is no exception. It will be the most ultra-luxury car of its kind in the market. The car adopts a very unique crossover design that is uncommon. According to Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer, the DBX will set the bar high in terms of beauty and performance.

The designers of the car were not limited to using a shared platform like some of its competitors for example the Bentley Bentayga. Instead, the car utilizes the new Aston Martin’s bonded aluminum sports car platform. As a result, they were able to achieve an exclusive design that will set the pace of SUV’s. When unveiling the car in the Geneva Motor Show, Andy Palmer indicated that the DBX model will redefine the SUV industry for the next hundred years and beyond.

In general, the DBX has an impressive SUV design that has prominent lines and wide rear haunches. However, one of the biggest controversies will be the enlarged grille and the duck-tail rear. The grill adopts the traditional Aston Martin look but has been highlighted with a red color around the edges. On the other hand, the rear hatch resembles the Lotus Elise but has been modified to fit in this luxury SUV.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Interior and Comfort

If comfort is your main concern, Aston Martin is known for producing some of the most comfortable cars. During unveiling in the Geneva Motor Show, the DBX showed top features of the modern age to keep passengers as comfortable as possible. For instance, it featured automatic temperature management that had dual zone climate controls.

The interiors of the DBX is simply stunning, to say the least. It features a futuristic interpretation of SUV’s with four-seat layout instead of conventional 5 seats. Almost every element inside the car is covered with leather. When I say everything, I mean everything including the pedals and the floor.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Family comfort

Although the DBX has a crossover height, it promises comfortable seats for four adults. It’s important to note that the height is slightly lower than some of its competitors like the Maserati but the seating position makes passengers feel like in a luxurious environment. The position of the seats emphasizes on sportiness of the DBX over utility.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Performance

Officially, the Aston Martin has not yet confirmed the DBX performance capabilities. However, the SUV has several engine options like 4.0-liter with a V-8 engine producing 503 bhp and a 498 lb ft of torque or a 5.2 liter with a V-12 engine producing 600 bhp and 516 lb ft of torque, both Turbocharged. Alternatively, the Aston Martin could combine the two engines to come up with a powerful twin-turbo hybrid engine. This would be a concept borrowed from the DB11 coupe and the Vantage.
However, the SUV needs to tone down the weight and maybe lean on the V-8 engine as the source of its powertrain. This is because the DBX is a smaller SUV and it’s not logic to adopt such a massive engine to slow it down. Remember the Aston Martin is trying to get its feet dirty with off-road abilities, thus it needs to stay as light as possible.

In preparation of the rugged roads, it’s safe to assume that the Aston Martin is likely to adopt the Mercedes AMG off-road specifications. It features high-driving positions, nimble driving, anti-roll system, and triple-volume air springs among other impressive driving capabilities. Though curiosity gets the best of us, we can only wait to see what the designers are having in store for us.

Recently, Aston Martin published pictures of the car undergoing tests on some of the toughest roads used to test rally cars. The company indicated that the car will undergo further tests in more intense environments such as in the Arctic, Middle East desserts, African Savannah, Alpine ranges, etc.


According to Warburton, (the dealer) reports, the Aston Martin price range may start at $221,615 (£170.000). Based on previous annual sales, the company predicts an increase of the total sales of above 10,000 cars by 2021.


Aston Martin took a bold splash with the new SUV. Just like its traditional sedans, the SUV is an outstanding project. The luxurious DBX is integrated with features that are practical, modern and unique. We have to acknowledge the fact that it’s hard to compete with the likes of the Cullinan, Taycan, Bentayga, I-pace and still have a chance.

Even though the concept car is not yet here, it’s evident that the DBX will be impressive. We can expect it to be genuinely intriguing with a combined twin-turbo for maximum performance. It’s hard to imagine an Aston Martin as an SUV. Regardless, it will be the fundamental concept of other SUV’s in the Aston Martin’s brand.

Though the concept car was expected to be an electric, for now, we can only be a little patient with the brand. The automakers claim that they are working hard to make sure they satisfy the consumer’s expectations. Ultimately the car is bold, unique, and modern with a competitive edge.