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2019 Aston Martin Rapide E Features, Specs, Price, Performance, Review

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The 2019 Aston Martin Rapide E is an electric sports sedan car that Aston Martin confirmed would be boasted to 602 horsepower output and a target range of over 200 miles that is about 322 km when you convert it, all this on a single charge of the Aston Martin Rapide E electric sports car battery. This British brand (the Aston Martins) has stressed that all these proposed features of the Aston Martins would not only be achievable when the battery is fully charged but throughout most of the battery charge and this sports car should be expected to function just like a conventional car. Aston Martins worked together with Williams Advanced Engineering in other to couple this awesome sports car. Aston Martins also confirmed that the Williams Advanced Engineering was able to assist them in overcoming some technical challenges, like the packaging of the electric motor and the battery in the available space.

2019 Aston Martins Rapide E Specs


PRICE $200,000
VEHICLE LAYOUT twin motors, sending their power to the rear
BATTERY an 800V system rated 65 kWh
CHARGER 400 V with 50kW charger,
SPEED top speed of 155mph or 249km/h
ACCELERATION 0-97 km/h in 4 seconds,
POWER 602bhp

2019 Aston Martin Rapide Lowdown

During the production of the Aston, Martin Rapide is 2019, Aston Martin has confirmed that only 155 of this rapidE would be made, as we should definitely not expect them to be cheap. Production has been proposed to take place at the Aston Martin EV focused St Athan site in Wales, the same location where the Aston Martin all electric Lagonda cars were manufactured. We have been told that delivery would be made towards the tail of 2019, and a price has not yet been fixed but an estimate of about $200,000 has been given. The Williams advanced engineering who is also known as the R & D and consultancy arm of the F1 arm team would also be involved in the buildup of this prototype testing four-footed beast of a machine. According to the company statement, they said that customers would be an extended part of the ongoing project as they would have their say in what should and shouldn’t be in this car. and with their comments and driving providing invaluable steam of feedback that will shape and help improve future EVs.

2019 Aston Martin Rapide Ev’s Technical Specs

The Aston Martin Rapide would be powered with a 65kW battery that is capable of a superfast 800V power transfer. Diverse from the taycan, which makes use of a skateboard style battery layout. In the rapide E, the usual 6.0 litre, V12 gearbox and the fuel tank are removed and replaced with a 5600-lithium ion cylindrical cells, with two rear-mounted electric motors. The two rear-mounted electric motors both drives through a limited slip differential. The Rapide E would also feature a revised suspension to cope with its new weight. The Rapide E would be built to be more like an ice car adaptation than a bespoke, ground up EV car. The power of the Rapide E sports car is also up by 50bhp on the original V12 you would usually find in most cars. The power of the Rapide E is about 601bhp, while the torque weight is about 700lb ft, which is more than 240lb ft of the original car. Also, the batteries of the Rapide E would be supplied by Hyperbat limited, which is a new joint venture between WAE and the Unipart Manufacturing group. Aston Martin has confirmed that the electric motor of the Rapide E would be sourced from the integral power train, with a power of about 602bhp.

2019 Aston Martin Rapide E Range over 200 miles

A lot of people are just so eager to get their hands on this ridiculously expensive sports car. This sports car is powered by an 800-volt battery system with 65kWh, as well as it should be able to travel up to 200 miles on a single charge. And turns head when it stops charging meaning regardless of the charge it would deliver up to the 200 miles. With both teams at Gaydon and Williams working closely with one another on a battery cooling system that would deliver a minimum level of performance no matter the temperatures.

Considering the proposed charging scheme of the Aston Martin Rapide, when the Aston Martin Rapide is charged for an hour on a 400V and 50kW charger, it was predicted that it should be able to result in a 185 miles of electric range, and when it’s hooked up to an 800V and 100kW charger,  it resulted in almost times two of the distance with the other charger, that is 310 miles. And when an even more powerful charger is used a higher value for the distance can be attainable. The average home charger for this sports car is around 7kW

2019 Aston Martin Rapide E Appearance

This proposed sports car (Aston Martin Rapide) has been preplanned to be four doors and four seating luxury cars with an. Apart from its performance capabilities, the Aston Martin Rapide body framework has been designed in a way to make it aerodynamic body optimized to ensure that it fulfils and performs up to its maximum potential. This sports car would also feature an aerodynamic wheel which would also help to ensure the car moves with its intended stamina and aerodynamic optimization. Basically, the entire idea of the Aston Martin Rapide is to maintain or even enhance the feel, character, and delivery of the V-12 powered Rapide S

2019 Aston Martin Rapide Performance

The all-new Aston Martin sports car has been planned to replace the 522bhp, 6.0 litre, V12 engine of the Aston Martin Rapide S. The Aston Martin Rapide would have at least an 800V battery architecture, with a 65kW capacity. It has also been planned by Aston to ensure the power of the rapidE supersedes the Rapide S and the Rapide AMR. The Aston Martin Rapide has a power of about 602bhp, whereas the Aston Martin Rapide S has a power of 552bhp, in which the rapidE supersedes the Rapide S by 50bhp, and it also supersedes the Rapide AMR with 15bhp because the Aston Martin Rapide AMR has a power of 587bhp. The Rapide is also designed with a 701lb ft of torque at its disposal, while the battery of the Rapide is designed to deliver a top speed of 155 miles per hour. Pretty cool right? Now wait until you hear how fast this British brand car can accelerating, the Aston Martin Rapide can clock 0-60miles per hour in just 4 seconds, and 50-70 miles per hour in just 1.5 seconds. This figure seems quite unbelievable for a battery-powered sports car, but it’s true.

2019 Aston Martin Rapide Impacts on the Environment

In a conversation with Andy Palmer, the CEO of Aston Martin, discussing about-about the Aston Martin Rapide program, he said environmental responsibility and sustainability should be the major concern of many people today. With global warming emerging from every side because what we give to the environment is what the environment would reproduce and give back to us. He further stressed that environmental sustainability and responsibility is a major challenge we all face today. He continued that he has a career in automotive and he is proud to announce to the public and everyone that the car industry is leading the way in finding a long-term solution and reducing the amount of harmful emission to the atmosphere. He also commended Williams advance engineering for their cooperation in making his dream as a CEO of Aston Martin to bring the rapidE program to reality. And as rapidE is their first all-electric production model, it would enable them to fast track their knowledge and assist them in ensuring that the character and high-performance capabilities of the future EV model and enhance the unique qualities found in all Aston Martin as we know them today. He also said that the Rapide will serve as a critical step on their path to relaunching the Lagonda as the world’s first zero emission luxury marque.

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Final Thought

It was in 2015, that Aston Martin was reported to have been working on an all-electric version of the Rapide E and that this sports car would be fully completed and would be available in the market at the fourth quarter of 2019. Although since the development isn’t complete now, some of the specifications may change probably due to costing or choice of the customers, basically we have an explanation of what the Rapide E should look like based on the proposed prototype that was given to us by Aston Martin themselves. So, we just have to sit back, cross out legs and wait for this ravaging four-footed beast of a machine to be fully developed so we can quickly buy out of the limited quantity that has been said would be produced by this British car brand.