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2019 AUDI A9 Features, Specs, Price, Performance, Reviews

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Audi as a brand has been recognized for producing high-end vehicles, over the years. Its’ cars have been highly ranked in the super luxury category. The company prides itself with its exceptional products and brands them with the four rings emblem to confirm its credibility.

The same goes for the magnificent A9. It is a combination of a sedan and a sports car to create a refined coupe. As it is the company’s tradition, the car will be a modification of another with improved features. In this instance, The A9 takes the prologue concept and is here to replace the A8.

With Audi’s reputation to make only high-end performance cars, they are notorious for producing four doors cars. Though they have previous two-door cars like the Audi Rs5 and the Audi R8, they still needed to fill the noticeable void. The A9 is the perfect model with swagger architecture.

A9 will be a direct rival to the re-known Mercedes Benz s- class coupe with a potential to dim its shine. Although it’s easier said than done, the Audi will have to add in some outstanding features to do so. So far, the concept has not disappointed and if all goes to plan, of course, it will be a success.

2019 Audi A9 Specs

  • Base Price Estimated $120,000 – $150,000
  • Vehicle Layout 2- door coupe, front engine, RWD, 4- seater
  • Engine Estimated V-8
  • Transmission 8 –speed automatic transmission
  • Curb Weight 1980 kg (4365.21 lb)
  • Wheel Base 2940 mm
  • Length X Width X Height 5110 mm, 1950 mm, 1930 mm
  • 0-60 Mph 3.1 seconds
  • On sale in the US Fall 2019


2019 Audi A9 Safety features

The German automakers are keen on their products. Apart from their attractive vehicles, customers are more concerned about their safety. You would too if you can afford to buy a car worth more than $100,000. You would prefer quality and utility over price. Though the A9 is still a concept car, we can expect some of the safety features to include:

  • a. Anti-lock brakes: During emergency braking, most tires lock and inhibit the car from turning. That system has been a cause of most accidents and the A9 is changing that. Audi comes with an automatic braking system that allows the tires to rotate. This way the driver can have control over the car and avoid a possible collision.
  • b. Stability control: As mentioned earlier, in case of an emergency braking the driver needs to be in control. Stability control safety feature instantly applies the right brakes when it senses a potential disaster.
  • c. Front-impact airbags: Front-impact airbags are instantly deployed to protect the head during a frontal crash.
  • d. Side-impact airbags: Side-impact airbags for the front and rear seats have been designed to protect the torso during a side impact collision.
  • e. Overhead airbags: Overhead airbags are used to protect the occupant’s heads in the event of a side collision or rollover.
  • f. Knee airbags: Knee airbags help to protect the occupant’s lower extremities from serious injury in the event of an accident.
  • g. Pretensioners: In case of a collision, the seatbelt pretensioners automatically fastens the seatbelt to ensure the passengers are held down, to avoid them being tossed around. That is why it is important to always fasten your seatbelts to prevent major injuries.
  • h. Security system: Audi’s security system is equipped with a feature that can detect a break-in and automatically inhibit the engine from starting without the right original manufacturer key is not used.

Other safety features include Daytime Running Lights, Child Safety Locks, Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors, Traction Control, Auto-Leveling Headlights, automatic high beams, navigation and parking sensors, a rearview camera, forward collision warning.

Also, it consists of blind spot monitoring, intersection assistant, lane keep assistant, rear cross traffic, lane departure warning, night vision assistance, pedestrian detection among other safety measures that may be added.

2019 Audi A9 Appearance

The prologue is the base concept for the A6, A7, A8, and the A9. It was drafted as the blueprint for the future, creating a clear path which the brand will follow. The design is enlightened, vibrant, modern, elegant and intelligent.

As Expected, Audi’s exterior is nothing short of perfection. The front Fascia entails an aggressive design with a mean posture. Its front retains the signature large grille with sleek horizontal aluminum bars, housing the four rings Audi Logo at the center. You’ll also notice defined curves and edges at the bottom.

At the corners of the bumper sits stylish slim Laser headlights (no matrix) with the ability to illuminate extremely long distance. The side is quite plain with 22-inch alloy wheels that may be revised during production. It also has fancy wing side mirrors adding some flavor to the boring sides. The brand has not confirmed if the side mirrors will have cameras or they will stick to the conventional mirrors. Nonetheless, the low sloping roofline is a nice touch.

The rear end has some interesting features like the full-width taillights that are unique and seductive. You’ll also notice the fake exhaust systems at the bottom, mimicking the Mercedes Benz S-class coupe. Note that it actually has a real exhaust under the fake ones, only that you’ll have to bend over to see it. I’m not sure of the reason why they prefer having a fake one and hide the real one.

2019 Audi A9 Interior and comfort

The spectacular lavish lounge makes you feel at home. The cabin is created specifically for comfort and luxury. Unlike the exterior, it’s more detailed with intelligent features that will blow your mind. The quality of the upholstery radiates refined quality with statement details though it’s just a concept car. It is incredibly spacious meant for executive passengers, no compromise.

As soon as the door opens, the first thing you’ll notice is the sleek infotainment screens with a personalized style. Audi has invested heavily in the latest technology to handle all tasks they envisioned the A9 is supposed to perform.

The most spectacular feature is the central driver assist control unit. Its main frame is well packaged somewhere in the cargo area. Its purpose is to control all the A9’s control functions using a high-speed internet network. The intelligent assist system interacts directly with the driver and passengers via their Smartphones. It makes it easy to access updated route plans and climate-control settings.

For more convenient services, Audi A9 has three main high definition touch screens with minimum buttons but can be controlled remotely from a Smartphone or by voice command. This way the driver gets a personalized interface.

2019 Audi A9 Family comfort

Audi A9 is an organic car recognized for its prestige and exclusivity. The high-end cabin is spacious with generous legroom and headspace. It spoils the passengers with personalized comfort and feels right at home. The super luxurious car is only able to seat four passengers, though, at the rear seat, you can pull down the center hand rest to create space for a fifth passenger. However, the middle seat is not very comfortable compared to the other seats. Maybe the designers will review that during production.

2019 Audi A9 Performance

The A9 is built to serve as a sports car. That means its performance and engine is one of the most vital features of the mean machine. The kind that roars on the road as it picks up speed.

Since the A9 is inspired by the prologue concept, we can safely predict that the car will have a powerful V8 engine twin-turbocharged with a 4-liter capacity. Such tremendous machines offer more than 600 horsepower (445kw) and 500 lb-ft (750Nm) of torque. Transmission is 8- speed automatic with a four-wheel drive mode. A9 has the ability to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in less than 3.7 seconds.
Complimenting its athletic stature, the coupe can compete in both luxury and sports category. A9 has the potential to be one of the fastest and muscular, coupes available. It will be a real definition of beauty and the beast.

2019 Audi A9 Price

The official price is not yet released but we can estimate the initial price to range more than $120,000 but less than $150,000. The price will be determined by some factors like the design, advanced features, and specifications. If you are looking for a refined vehicle with a stellar performance, Audi A9 is the vehicle you are looking for.


Audi A9 has been rumored about for a long time. Just when the anticipation was slowly dying, the company decides to release its concept to keep us intrigued. I must admit it is annoying that we still have to wait a little longer. The good news is the A9 will be a magnificent car worth waiting for.

Its overall design is stylish with a handsome posture. The A9 model is gifted with a rare opportunity to bare the design that will mold the future of the brand. That is a huge burden to carry but the designers are confident the A9 has a shoulder for it.

Even though the car will be inspired by the prologue concept, it will have a rebellious character that will make it stand out. Having in mind that the A9 is about to an enter a competitive world; we expect it to be packed with features that are bold, futuristic, vibrant and luxurious.

That being said, Audi has never disappointed and you can be assured the A9 won’t be the first.