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2019 BMW iX3 SUV Electric Car, Spec, Price, Performance, Review

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The 2019 BMW iX3 SUV Electric Car which is the electric version of the BMW X3 is now going to be available. In 2019, drivers can get a preview of what the BMW iX3 is going to feel like, but the BMW iX3 would not get into the showrooms in the UK until 2020. And just like most automotive you can see today, BMW has announced their plans to add a lot of electrified models to their collection of cars they are producing. Although a lot of other automotive have offered a lot of electric vehicles and other hybrids, the BMW does not have so much to offer us but the i3 electric hatchback and the i8 hybrid sports cars, but this is about to change.

BMW is developing a new generation eDrive platform that would be able to stand out as different and unique among a list of cars in the coming future.  This new platform that BMW is creating, the new drivetrain has made its way starting with the iX3 concept for the first time ever, as it displays a preview of the production model based on the familiar X3.

New BMW iX3 2019 Full electric SUV Video:

2019 BMW iX3 Spec



Driving Range

250 miles


270 bhp (horsepower)

Top speed



0 – 100km/h in 5 seconds


70 kWh


150kW super-fast charger


2019 BMW iX3 Lowdown

This newly proposed BMW iX3 that is soon going to be in production will make use of the fifth-generation electric drive system, dubbed eDrive. Not like the other vehicles before it, this electric vehicle from BMW is going to group the electric motor, the transmission, and the power electron all within a separate component, as this would allow better packaging and in turn, results in ample space for the cabin. The new drivetrain is also going to have more powerful batteries, but then there has not been any specifications given about the batteries yet, safe for the capacity of the battery, because we know that the iX3 is going to use a 70-kWh battery.

BMW has also said that the electric motor of this vehicle would be as good as more than 270 horsepower, which is not bad compared to its equivalent in the market as of 2018. But unfortunately, the BMW has not said anything concerning whether the BMW iX3 would feature an all-wheel-drive system. Although it has been said that the battery would be able to go up to 250 miles in a single charge which converts to about 400 km, and some other performance figures remains a mystery to us for now. The BMW iX3 also have a top speed of 200km/h and can accelerate from 0 – 100km/h in less than 5 seconds, cool right?

But BMW will soon probably offer at least two different trims, the base model could be less powerful than the concept car, but the range-topping model is expected to deliver in excess of 300 horsepower which will be wearing an M badge. So, as we move closer to the date BMW has given to produce this electric vehicle, more information’s are going to be revealed along the way.


2019 BMW charging

BMW iX3 2019 Full electricThe 2019 BMW iX3 is going to be ready to support a 150-kW super-fast charger when it is fully built and readily available in the market for sale. Although what this means is that anyone that is interested in buying one of this bad boy would also need to have access to a charge point where this electric vehicle would be recharged at the right voltage so that the battery of the vehicle would not be damaged by wrong voltage.  BMW has also given the specification of the charger and the car, and we have come to know that this electric vehicle would be able to charge from 0% to 80% in less than 30 minutes, which is cool, impressive and super-fast.

2019 BMW iX3 Exterior Design

The prototype exterior design of the BMW iX3 model looks so identical to the standard BMW X3, except only for the socket you would find at the right side of the car, the front fender and the other minor modifications being made like the modification to the bumper. Without a doubt, we are expecting the BMW iX3 to look exactly like the conventional BMW X3. But as we already know by now, at the Beijing automotive showcase, BMW suggested that the new BMW iX3 is going to have some new few design features of its own, that would make this electric SUV simple the best.

The BME iX3 is going to have some new features of its own, like the bumper is likely going to be identical to the conventional crossover BMW X3, would have some minor changes to it like probably getting a revised vent, and as seen on the prototype, new trim inserts under the LED daytime running lights. You may argue it or not, but the biggest change that would really differentiate the BMW conventional crossover X3 from the newly improved BMW iX3 is the grille. Although in the testing model, the iX3 featured a standard kidney grille design, in the main production of the iX3 it would probably get the concept closed off the grille.

Also, the BMW iX3 does not have an engine, so the standard cooling system is no longer necessary so it would also be revised and redesigned to look different. So apart from this few features, everything else just seems to be a carryover of the X3 unchanged, but we may still see some minor highlights here and there in order to future show the differences between the iX3 from the more familiar X3.

The BMW iX3 side panels would still be identical the regular BMW X3, but it may seem as though BMW has altered the side skirt of the BMW iX3 to improve it in other to make it more aerodynamic. Even the wheels also would be optimized so that the BMW iX3 would be better aerodynamics.  Moreover, it is safe for us to assume that BMW is going to make these changes to the production model with mild changes to the design. Basically, aerodynamics is very important in an electric model car, as it helps to reduce the mileage quite dramatically, especially if it is done right of course.

Now, the rear-view section of the BMW iX3 would still feature the same tailgate designs, but the bumper is going to be revised. The bumper is now going to include a body-colored Centre section with cleaner lines. Also, there is no more exhaust pipe since the iX3 des not have an engine. Sports car model is usually fancier at the bumper though, as it has a black apron and two blue painted inserts where the exhaust normally is in the standard X3. Even though the iX3 may not seem so exciting to look at, this sports car has more to offer than meet the eyes.

2019 BMW iX3 Interior Design

2019 BMW iX3 Interior DesignAgain, the interior of the BMW iX3 would also look like the conventional crossover BMW X3. Since the new BMW X3 is a new model for 2018, the cabin still has that fresh looks as they get. The interior layout of the iX3 is like the larger X5, so all the cool features are in the iX3 including the organic dashboard, the Centre stack with aluminum trim, and the big infotainment display on top. There is also a digital instrument cluster and a three-spoke dashboard with a lot of different control that is around the dashboard area.

Unlike the normal standard X3, the BMW iX3 is going to be equipped with a new design equipment cluster that will provide information regarding driving range, the state of the battery charge, information about navigation, the speed of the car at any current point, the total distance covered in a trip, and so on. Upholstery options and the designed that was selected for the seat are still the same with the X3, although BMW may want to add some specific packages for this electric sports car. The trunk space of the iX3 would have remained the same with the X3 if only BMW would figure out a way of storing the big batteries for the car, portable maybe store it on the floor. By the way, the X3 can take up to 19.42 cubic feet of luggage with the rear seats up, and it can take as much as 56.50 cubic feet when the seats are folded flat.

2019 BMW iX3 Pricing

Just like in more electric vehicles, the costs to purchase them are usually more expensive than the normal fossil fuel powered vehicles. And so, the iX3 will cost a bit more than the standard X3, but do not let this discourage you from your dream of purchasing this vehicle. The X3 usually cost about £41000, while the iX3 could retail from anywhere between £50000 and £60000.