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2019 Honda Urban EV Features, Specs, Price, Performance, Review

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2019 Honda Urban EV electric carInformation reaching us has confirmed that the 2019 Honda Urban EV would be displayed at the Geneva Motor show in which the show will run from 7 to 17 of March, although it is going to be a prototype that is going to be reviewed yet. But sadly, the last press release of the Honda Urban EV does not reveal much about the specification of the Honda Urban EV. They did not say a lot, all they said was just that they are working on the car to develop it with a focus on functionality and purpose which was demonstrated by the clean sketches they provided, that were simple, clean and unique designs.

Honda also revealed that this new 2019 Honda Urban EV will be the key to the company’s plan for the two-thirds of the European sales to feature electrified technology by 2025, which just simply means a mixture of hybrid and pure electric cars. We all love our cars to have a cute look, and this particular car’s cuteness is meant to worth billions of pounds in car sales. Just like the success when we look at the Fiat 500 or the Mini Hatchback. The first electric car to be revealed by this Japanese car maker’s was originally having a design concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017. The motor show was a massive hit with a lot of fans and critics, promoting this company green vehicle.


2019 Honda Urban EV Concept Exterior and Interior

2019 Honda Urban EV Specification

  • Price: £20000 estimated
  • Range: 150 miles estimated
  • Interior: Wood feel finishing on the dashboard
  • Manufacturers: Honda
  • Production date: 2019
  • Available in UK

Honda Urban EV Lowdown

Barely just over a month to go before the covers come off the 2019 Honda Urban EV has released an image to tease their fans, and also to offer their fans with the best glimpse of the city so far. This funky little hatch when placed side by side with its contemporary battery electric power-train, with a cute retro-inspired styling that has quite to be a big hit for Honda when unveiled in the concept car guise about 2 years ago.

The Honda Urban electric vehicle is a compacted four sitter vehicle with a cool artistic interior showing a lot of details and an unfussy exterior surface which can be compared with a whole lot of Honda’s new cars that are just currently built. This Honda Urban electric vehicle has gotten a lot of positive feedback from a lot of interested individuals who are likely to buy the car as soon as it is fully available for sale, according to Honda Motor Europe’s Philip Ross and he definitely is not kidding about it.

The concept of the Honda Urban electric vehicle was the unlikely star of the last Frankfurt show and in the show, a lot of people on the scale of interest has taken the Japanese company by surprise. Although Honda has not really given any word about the batteries of the Urban electric vehicle they want to build they have instead concentrated on the on its Honda power Manager Technology, as described in the car showcase earlier this year, and the company’s electric vision for 2030 and beyond.

What we do know about this Honda Urban electric vehicle is that it is based on the concept of a bespoke electric car platform, which is said to feature a lightweight, heavy density, battery pack, integrated heat management, and what we call the evolution of the energy transfer function, both from and to the vehicle.

At a show in Tokyo in 2017, the CEO of Honda Takahiro Hachigo said that they are going to create a dedicated electric vehicle platform for the Urban electric vehicle that they are building; this is a commuter-sized city vehicle, so it would be a small segment car. So if you travel frequently this car from Honda, the Urban is just perfect for you. He also further said that they plan to connect the driver to the car with artificial intelligence so as to enable people to have fun driving this vehicle. The Urban has been proposed to change the image of Honda and to show their determination to electrify their cars in Europe.

Honda CEO further continued that they will make this electric vehicle an iconic car for Honda brand, as they present their intentions to accelerate the electrification of cars. He also said that they are going to also lunch a commercial vehicle based on the Urban electric vehicle concept. Although the challenge Honda is facing is reducing the cost of this electric vehicle production by incorporating the electric vehicles with the conventional car manufacturing.
Little is currently known about the engineering of the Honda Urban, Hachigo further stretched at the show in Tokyo that the elements needed for this project are far from being set on stone. But one thing is for sure, they will definitely work on this car and make it a reality, because these designers are faithful to the concept, so what is underneath scarcely matters.

2019 Honda Urban EV design

Based on the original concept from Honda for the Urban electric vehicle, the exterior of this car has been described by Honda to look like a planted muscle stance, that hint a sporty driving performance. It has also been said that the Honda Urban electric vehicle is 100mm shorter than the Honda Jazz Supermini. Also, Avery future electric vehicles from Honda would now feature a blue back-lit Honda emblem, but the illuminated information panel between the headlamp is not really there for performance, more like it can display greetings, battery status, charging status, even information suggested by other drivers are going to be displayed there too.
We can also expect an undeniable resemblance to the Honda Civic, the model that actually established this Japanese car maker as a global player in 1970s, although the interior of the Honda Urban is nothing like the Honda Civic. The mirror of the Honda Urban has also been replaced with a screen that is fitted into the doors. Also, in the design images provided by Honda, one can also expect the main screen on the dashboard shelf which can be used to view certain pieces of information.

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2019 Honda Urban EV Interior

2019 Honda Urban EV InteriorThe Honda Urban electric vehicle has been proposed to have a rear-hinged door, which would make it effortless to get in and out of the vehicle, some people refer to this as a suicide door. It is also going to be light, and allows more air, with a slim A-pillars and a wide windscreen. The dashboard also is something of awesomeness as it has a wood finishing wrapped around it, a panoramic display screen that is just on top of it, and it has a minimalist echoing all over it. This urban electric vehicle from Honda is also going to have a quartic steering wheel which is just going to look like the Austin

Allegro. Now tell me what’s not to love about this vehicle?

Despite being such a small vehicle, it still features four seats, which can accommodate four adults, and across the two bench seats are finished in different materials. The front row is upholstered in a kind of natural fabric that is grey in colour, and the squab, the armrest and the seat backs are all embellished in the same wood finishing look as the dashboard.

But all these are for the design phase of the car. The production phase is still under consideration as Honda has not gotten to any solid conclusion as to how the production version is going to look like. And we do not know whether or not they are going to stick to the design plans. As we have all been shouting and echoing it in the ears of Frankfurt to build the design version of the car, and as the production date comes closer and is already here, it seems like it worked.

2019 Honda Urban EV Performance and Range

Although presently we do not really have much information about the batteries that would be used to power the Honda Urban electric vehicle, or the range we should expect this electric car from Honda to be able to get to. But based on what Auto Express prediction, it can be expected that this car should be able to get to 150 miles, and also feature the latest super fast charge technology.

2019 Honda Urban EV Price and Lunch date

Honda has not yet given the official price for the Urban electric vehicle, but based on the compact proportion of the car and the expected materials to be used to manufacture this vehicle, it has been estimated that it is likely going to cost about £20,000, moreover based on its other competitive vehicles such as the Renault’s £21,920 Zoe city car. Also, Honda has announced that the urban electric vehicle has been aimed to be in the production phase in early 2019, and the order is going to be opened shortly after the big reveal at Geneva show.