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2019 Mercedes EQC Features, Specs, Price, Performance, Reviews and Release Date

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The 2019 Mercedes EQCThe 2019 Mercedes EQC is the first fully electric model produced under the product and technology brand “EQ” series. The EQC concept adopts the GLC outlook with some modifications and has a more traditional Mercedes Benz SUV look which is pleasing to most of its clients. The EQC made its first appearance at the Paris motor show in 2016.

The 5-seater SUV is a key rival to Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-Pace, and the concept car Audi E-Tron Quattro. To beat competition, the designers crafted flawless edges and intentional creases in the sheet metal to create the ultimate final look that can stir emotions.

The car instantly registers as a Mercedes due to its huge trademark logo. It steals the show with its somewhat futuristic look.

2019 Mercedes EQC Specs

BASE PRICE:                                       £56,000
VEHICLE LAYOUT:                               SUV, 5 seater, 5 doors
ENGINE:                                                 2 powerful electric motors
TRANSMISSION:                                    all-wheel-drive
CURB WEIGHT:                                     2425kg
WHEELBASE:                                         2873mm
LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT:             4761 x 1884 x 1624 mm
0-60MPH:                                              5.1seconds
EPA CITY/HWY/COMB FUEL ECON: 18.4/ 2.1 combined co2 emissions 2.51
ON SALE IN US:                                    End 2019



2019 Mercedes EQC Safety

Mercedes have made sure to retain their good ratings in safety precautions over the years and the EQC is not an exception. The EQC insulates the battery with a stable frame that is capable of absorbing energy and protecting the power source from any possible damage. In case of a crash, the EQC is installed with a high voltage system that automatically shuts off to prevent a fire.

The Mercedes comes with an ECO assist system to help the driver, in case of an accident. The system basically prompts the driver on things like approaching a speed limit, sharp corners and incoming vehicles on blind spots. The intelligent safety assists are remotely linked to the radar and stereo camera on to read navigation data, traffic signs and any other helpful information.

The cabin is packed with lots of airbags and is strategically placed on the roof area near the pillars i.e. the driver’s over-head, the front passenger seat and the outer areas of the rear passengers’ seat. The system is designed such that there is a delayed deployment of the passenger’s airbags, in case there is a fatal head-on collision.

The seats are installed with three-point seatbelts and child car-seat anchorage points to prevent severe injuries from being tossed around in case of an accident.

The designers have thoughtfully placed a rescue sticker that provides a direct link to the cars rescue data sheet. The sticker is safely hidden inside the charging flap and the on the B- pillar. The purpose of the rescue sticker is to facilitate possible rescue operations and acquire the cars details. The owner should have the rescue assist app on their gadgets to easily access help in case of distress. Thankfully, the system is available offline and you can get help as soon as possible.


2019 Mercedes EQC Appearance

The EQC adopts the GLC general looks and shares the same wheelbase dimensions. The design is definitely sleek yet very conventional. As it is the tradition of the Mercedes, the design is clear, seamless and has color highlights that are typical for the brand.

The EQC instantly registers as a Mercedes Benz particularly because of its oversized star emblem logo at the front and back. Generally, the car has a modern-futuristic luxury look. The designers took their time in making sure the SUV is both beautiful and intelligent.

Compared to other Mercedes design, the grille looks a little different. You can easily overlook the fact that the oversized grille is fake. The grille and the lead headlights hug each other seamlessly to feature a complex lighting system. The arrangement is accentuated by an LED light band at the top, replacing the top trim of the grille as a visual link between the DRLS in the headlamps. The lower part of the grille is connected to each headlamp by a black panel that embraces the bottom sections effortlessly.

The EQC’s rear end is not as detailed as the front fascia, but the thin taillights are a smooth touch. The two-piece light is a lot slimmer than your usual look and stretches across the width of the tailgate. The bumper has an edgy design integrated with two reflectors and a license plate recess.

Weirdly, the designers decided to include lower bumper features that resemble the shape of oval tailpipes at the corners. Of course, the car is fully electric; hence there is no need for the fake tailpipes.


2019 Mercedes EQC Interior And Comfort

There is no compromise on the interior décor either. The cabin is fitted with unique features a little different from the regular Benz. It is packed with the finest materials such as genuine leather seats, brushed stainless aluminum trim, multi-functional steering wheel, a new softer MBUX (Mercedes Benz user experience) for the dashboard, real refined wood, AMG floor mats and the upper door panels.

Within the astounding cockpit, you can get in easily and has a roomy space. Once you’re inside, you automatically feel the coziness of the well-stitched seats. The luxurious space is not only built for comfort but also gives the driver a firm and intuitive control, while rose-gold accents give the electric vehicle its own clear aesthetics.

The designers redesigned the touchpad in the center to accommodate upgraded controls, while as making it bigger and flatter on the sides. The MBUX infotainment system supports gesture recognition, voice control system and it’s smart enough to track your daily habits and synch them to make your every trip memorable.

The multimedia is activated by the keyword “Hey Mercedes” the functions are able to follow your voice command and respond with ease. Cool! The intelligent infotainment also consists of the upgraded route guidance, special connectivity services, and optimized consumption driving programs among others.

Inside the cabin, it’s noiseless. The designers came up with rubber mounts and sub-frame to cancel noise from outside and within the drivetrains. You can enjoy a serene ride with an uncompromised blend of comfort, performance design and progressive luxury.

2019 Mercedes EQC Family Comfort

Being a five-seater, the car can accommodate a small family comfortably. The rear seats come with baby seat anchorage already installed. This is an amusing feature for the parents. Again the cabin is spacious enough to fit adults comfortably in the rear seats.

In addition, the designers created more cargo space when they placed the battery on the floor. You can easily fit big suitcases or grocery bags in the space. The car is suitable for everyday use and puts family comfort into consideration.


2019 Mercedes EQC Performance

The EQC features are powered by a drive system modification with a compact electric drivetrain at each axle. It consists of two electric motors powering the front and rear wheels enabling the concept car to have four-wheel drive capabilities, depending on the mode.

The driving program modes consist of Comfort, Eco, Max range, sport and individual. These programs are configured differently to reduce power consumption and increase dynamism. Simultaneously, the front electric motor is optimized for efficiency and in the minimalist load range, while the rear one influences the dynamism. Combined the electric motors produce an output of 300kw (402hp) and a maximum torque of 765Nm.

The EQC electric motors are powered by the latest generation of the lithium-ion 80kwh battery. The lithium-ion unit battery weighs 650kg and consists of 384cells. The battery is placed in the floor of the vehicle, between the two axles. This practical design helps save room inside the cabin.

The Mercedes can sprint from 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds. Impressive! The SUV is estimated to reach a top speed limit of 112 mph (180km/h) in sports mode. Based on the NEDC test cycle, the EQC is claimed to cover a range of 280miles (450km) on a single charge. However, the EQC falls short of the I-Pace range of 292miles, due to its larger 90kwh battery.

According to the specs sheet, the Mercedes EQC is equipped with a water-cooled onboard charger with a standard capacity of 7.4kw (AC) and a maximum capacity of 110kw (DC). Under the high voltage public charging stations, the EQC battery can charge up to 80% from 10% in around 40 minutes.

2019 Mercedes EQC Price

The 2019 Mercedes EQC is still a concept car and its price is still a rumor but is estimated to have a price range of about £50,000.

Final Thought

In general, the Mercedes EQC is a luxurious SUV with a blend of unique, practicality and modernization. As the firstborn of the electric family, the EQC is definitely shining a ray of hope to the upcoming Mercedes EVs. Apart from that, the concept car has revised infotainment that sets the bar high. Among other improved modification, the awaited car seems to have a bright future ahead. We can safely predict that Mercedes brand is catching up first with the ever-growing SUV segment. They don’t seem to slow down, which is a good thing for the company.