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2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury EV Price, Specs, Performance, Interior, Release Date

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Over the years, Daimler has kept their clientele hooked with their outstanding brands. With the 2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury EV, they managed to wow the audience once again! The rumored car was first seen at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show.

The initial idea is in response to the ever-growing segments of top luxury SUV cars. The concept car is rumored to be launched in competition with the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce Cullinan and the highly rated versions of the range rover.

The Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate luxury concept is crafted, blending the DNA of an SUV and a sedan to produce the ultra-modern SUV of a three-box design. According to the chief design officer at the Daimler AG, Gorden Wagener, “the vision SUV is the new archetype that has never been seen before.”  This Mercedes opens a whole new chapter of luxury in the Maybach history. Daimler has an even tougher job to not only rebadge Mercedes brands but also to retain its conventional credibility.

The luxurious car is crafted in a way that it is a sure head turner with a touch of optical illusions. It has definitely lived up to its name, ‘the ultimate luxury’. The car is a combination of sophistication and elegance in the creative archetype of the brand. It is an overall beauty, opulent, daring, well thought-out, and sublime grace solution.

2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury Specs

BASE PRICE:                                       Estimated €160,000
VEHICLE LAYOUT:                            SUV, 4 seater, 5 doors
ENGINE:                                               Four powerful electric motors
TRANSMISSION:                               Single-speed auto, four-wheel drive
CURB WEIGHT:                                 N/A
WHEELBASE:                                      16m long, 24-inches wide
LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT:       5260 x 2110 x 1764 mm
0-60 MPH:                                           4 seconds
ON SALE IN US:                                                 Estimated-mid 2019

2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury Safety

The car is still a concept car and it is not exactly clear if it will go through production. Hence, the concept car rolled out as an idea plan to grow the sub-brand, Maybach. Therefore, the designers did not bother packaging the concept car with any safety measures at the moment. Their main concern was to create an impressive image of the SUV. Maybe when the car sees the light of day, there will be some outstanding safety features.


2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury Appearance

The exterior appearance of the Maybach is the ultimate luxury in harmony of sensual purity. The body combines comfort, raised seats and bold athletic styles. The designers went through a great deal trying to combine the traditional value and incorporate the new Maybach design, and it worked!

The concept car has a majestic look with sharp edges creating an image of a sporty design. It has a bold look, with a wide stance of an SUV blended with a traditional three-box-design of a high-end limousine. The result is a harmonious passenger compartment that offers a sublime driving experience.

The front fascia is crafted with low profile front light headlights with unique three lamps. In the center console, the Maybach has a distinctive chrome-plated grille with flawless vertical bars mimicking a pinstripe design. The grille style is borrowed from the latest Mercedes-Maybach s-class series.

On the sides, the 2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury EV concept has large air inlets that run horizontally and are made of a fine blend of chrome bars. A slim continuous chrome trim extends from the bonnet across the roof to the rear end. On the lower door area, there are edgy aluminum boards integrated for a final dynamic look. The overall look is topped with sleek 6-inch short and 24-inches wide wheels. Simply amazing!

At the rear end, you’ll be taken aback with the three-part lamps resembling the front headlights. Right above them is the vertically split rear window. You’ll also notice a modern guard permeated by the Maybach pattern signature from the front to end. It is safe to say the Mercedes has retained the traditional craftsmanship, extravagant surfaces, dynamic and individualism to give it a sophisticated stand.

2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury Interior and Comfort

The interior cabin is a detailed work of art. The idea of the interior designers was to deliver the same design from the previous Mercedes brands with the culmination of luxury living. The luxurious lightness of the interior is accentuated by the pure white colors, finest Nappa leather and a soothing shade of brown that has a faint metallic finish. The shiny aluminum surfaces reflect the rose gold seats to create a serene aura.

Dark “magic wood” ebony forms an interesting contrast with the surrounding ‘whites’.  The furniture design is borrowed from the Chinese furniture design to marry the western and far eastern hemispheres design, to deliver attractive automotive-cultural discussions. The entire cabin is surrounded by a large trim level to create the ultimate beautiful surfaces.

The cockpit area is reduced to accommodate the air vents that are as a result of the radiator grille. The seats are installed with adjustable kinematics, unlike the normal saloon cars. Another impressive thing is its’ possible to adjust the seat cushions separately as long as the seats angle and height remains constant and are moved together.

For extra comfort and maximum relaxation, the Maybach seats are able to recline with a feature that supports your calf which can be adjusted to your liking. Due to the raised SUV body, the seats are raised for maximum comfort. The designers left nothing to chance including the seamless stitching in rose gold on the Nappa white leather.

The wide center console extends from the front to the rear separating the seats. It is well designed with the same ebony touches with rose gold finishes. The console comes equipped with a combined heated tray with a teapot and cups whereby you can enjoy a cup of tea while you enjoy the ride. On a lighter note, Tea-drinking philosophy is borrowed from the Chinese as a symbol of balance in the mind and body as you discover inner peace and its benefits.

The Mercedes Maybach vision ultimate luxury is packed with intelligent infotainment that can be customized to individual preferences. The concept car is eager to respond to your commands and offer you the pinnacle of luxury living. Another cool feature is that the car plays soothing music to match the mood, synch details, has an updated route and knows the appointed calendars.

In the rear, you get assorted tea flavors and relaxation programs that can be added upon request. The designers went an extra mile and added extra luxurious features like fragrance, massage, music and lighting blended to soothe the passenger.

The infotainment system can be adapted to any programming in the world market to make the user experience memorable. The system is a combination of a touchpad on the center console, 12.3-inch touchscreen and touch-control buttons on the steering wheels. The driver can intuitively control the panel without any unnecessary distractions. It is the ultimate combination of simplicity and exclusivity.


2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Family Comfort

The ultimate luxury concept car is exactly what clients desired for, in regards to comfort and protection. Mercedes took up the challenge and delivered the SUV in the top luxury segment. The interior is a symbiosis of elegance, sophistication and flamboyance.

Mercedes Maybach isn’t exactly the family type car. It’s basically made for the bosses with chauffeurs. The overall interior creates an ambiance of luxurious coziness, allowing the passenger to relax peacefully. To actually enjoy the ride, it’s better to be driven to experience the ultimate luxury as you lean back and stare out of the twin roof clear sunroof.  How else will you pull the inclined seat and have a cup of tea?


2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Performance

The new concept car is purely electric. It derives its power from four electric motors that produce a total output of 750hp combined with an all-wheel-drive system. The car uses a big 80kwh battery that is placed on the floor with enough power to cover 200miles (500km). The luxurious car is only capable of small speeds but it can reach a maximum of 155mph top speed. Daimler claims that it is actually the fastest modern SUVs in the top luxury segment.

The Maybach is packed with features that support DC fast charging system modified to fit the CCS standards. This enables the Maybach to charge up 350kw in 5 minutes enough to cover 60miles range. The battery can be charged conveniently by induction, wall socket and at the public charging station.

2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Price

Now the price is not officially announced but since its Bentley Bentayga’s rival, we can estimate the price to be around £160,000.


In general, the car is easy on the eyes and I must say, It is the ultimate dream car. The vision ultimate luxury car was well thought through down to the tiniest detail, crafted with passion and raw talent. It represents traditional craftsmanship, modernization and individualism. The concept car has done its name justice and carried forward the Mercedes credibility to the next level. Hopefully, the Mercedes Company will see the 2019 Mercedes Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury EV through production.