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2019 Mini EV Electric Car Specs, Price, Performance, Review

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First and foremost, electric cars are great, and 2019 Mini EV Electric Car will also be a great city car, so therefore, a MINI electric vehicle should be even better. Information getting to us reveals that this vehicle would be on sale in 2019.

Presently, a lot has been said about this 2019 Mini EV. Also, it has been revealed to us also that this MINI EV is going to be built at the company’s Oxford factory.

This electric vehicle is going to be on sale in 2019, and it is going to be very similar to the concept from the 2017 Frankfurt Motor show.

To even make this electric vehicle more eyes catching, the company has released some teaser images to show off some features of this vehicle, most especially the grille and the wheels. The producer of this MINI EV, the BMW is happy to reveal some information about the electrification of the most British of cars for a number of years. But now, without further adieu, let us get straight into the little details we were able to pull out for this 2019 Mini electric vehicle from BMW.


2019 MINI EV Spec

  • Price £35000
  • Range 200 miles
  • Doors 3 doors design
  • Battery Likely to be 42.2kWh
  • Manufacturer BMW
  • Sales date 2019
  • Available in UK

2019 MINI EV Lowdown

The 2019 MINI electric vehicle from BMW has an iconic design and we are not expecting any huge changes from the current MINI hatch design. Information reaching us has been confirmed that this BMW MINI electric vehicle would have three (3) doors, two at each side of the electric vehicles, and one at the rear. There are also a lot of other designs in this new MINI EV that makes this electric vehicle look just like sculpting of the current Mini.

Definitely, there have been confirmed designs elements from the 2018 model of the Mini, like the Union Flag rear light, but generally, this electric vehicle did not really show any overall change in the design that we all expected to find on the final version and on the camouflaged spy shots of the Mini electric car.

Also, since this is a fully electrified car, it does not have any engine, so naturally without the need of a cooling system, the MINI electric vehicle features a closed off grille that is part of the course for an electric car. The maker of the MINI electric vehicle is definitely excited to announce to us that it is going to be an electric car that has an exterior styling.

In the photos that were taken of this electric vehicle, it revealed that this vehicle is going to come in two different models, and the big difference between them is the power bulge and the scoop on the bonnet and it is one of the biggest design differences between the One and the Cooper S. Now a question has aroused, will there be two models of this electric car? Or will MINI keep the scoop for sporty looks or omit it for a sleeker finish?

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2019 MINI EV design

Basically, the new electric vehicle is MINI is iconic to as we are not expecting a lot of changes from the current Mini hatch design. We have also confirmed the new electric vehicle MINI is going to be a 3 door vehicles, meaning two doors at the sides of the vehicle and a door at the back of the MINI electric vehicles, while the remaining design of the MINI electric vehicles just looks like sculpting of the current Mini.

Of a truth, there are designs from previous model in 2018 model that is being incorporated in this 2019 Mini, like the union flag rear lights that you would expect to find on the final version camouflaged spy shots of the Mini electric version reveals that there have not really been any changes in terms of the overall design.

This new electric vehicle from BMW does not need naturally need an air-flow for cooling, while a closed of the grille is also among the course for an electric car. Even the manufacturer of this MINI EV is quite happy to announce to us that the vehicle is an electric car with an exterior styling, which was also something that was highlighted on the Mini Country S E too.

It is only right for us to expect a little sharpening of the lines seen in the Mini Electric Concept seen here and we are not sure that all the sleek design will make it into the production model. Moreover there is a suggestion that the BMW Mini EV would have a slight similarity as the Mini Cooper S E, which is essentially a hot hatch of electric form which matches more of sportier styles to be launch moreover there is a suggestion that it will launch as the Mini Cooper S E, most especially the hot hatch in electric form, which might match sportier styling.

Basically we have two models in a photo that was leaked, and the biggest difference between these two models is that between the two is the power bulge and scoop on the bonnet, and one of the big design difference between the One and the Cooper S. Majorly, there has been a question that has been puzzling everyone is that will there be two version the BMW MINI electric vehicle? Or will BMW just keep the scoop for the sporty looks for the MINI or would they just omit it for a sleeker finish?
This BMW Mini electric vehicle is also very heavily customized; actually, they are one of BMW biggest point of differentiation. So basically it is alright for anyone to expect a full range of Mini customized option too to their taste.

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2019 Mini EV Electric Car Interior

Basically, the interior of this BMW Mini has been fairly conformed to meet up some certain standard, the interior of the BMW 2019 Mini electric vehicle can be compared with the current Mini model, with some few similarities. Although we should also expect some fairly high level of trim as standard. It can also be expected that the 2019 BMW Mini electric vehicle to look like most popular small cars, with some designs like Bluetooth compatibility, two sitter front seats, cloth seats, perhaps maybe a 10.2-inch infotainment screen.

2019 Mini EV Electric Car Performance, Range and Power

We do not really have any confirmed information presently about what we should expect to power the Mini electric or Mini Cooper S E as it might be a badge. Although we know it is going to be an electric car, but the information as regarding the type of battery or the capacity of the battery has not been given yet.

Although BMW has confirmed that they are currently working on their fifth generation electric powertrain. Although the first car to benefit from this is the BMW iX3 expected that is expected to be on sale in 2021. It is also believed by a lot of people that the Mini will make use of the BMW i3s 135kW motor.

Also, the Mini might make use of the 42.2kWh battery of the latest i3, but that is still questionable. The range of this 2019 Mini has been slated to be at 200 miles, but when we look at it in a competitive term, it might make more sense for Mini to step up the capacity because the range is a bit low compared to its equivalent, but we should also bear in mind that if the range is stepped up, it will tell on the price of this electric vehicle. But currently, no full information has been given about this power or major of the specification of this power train.

2019 Mini EV Electric Car Price and Lunch Date

BMW has also confirmed that the launching of the Mini EV would be the 60th anniversary of Mini. With the original lunching at 1959, this green model would be launched in 2019, at the launching venue we can expect to see the entire electric Mini which will be produced at Oxford plant. The Mini Electric vehicle is likely to get a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019, as we can also expect it to be on the road towards the end of 2019. As for the specifications of this vehicle, we are yet to be fully informed about it, we only just know some few details that we got from some pictures that were taken of the vehicle and the little the maker of this Mini made known to us.

Checking a car like the Nissan Leaf, we would find a 40kWh battery in the regular model, and 52kWh battery in the leaf e++ but with the price difference of about £5700 to echo the difference. But if BMW wants to make this 2019 Mini more affordable, although the current projected price of this vehicle is at £35000, then they would actually cut slack on the battery. But basically, we just have to wait for more information from the maker of this Mini electric vehicle to release more information about the specification of the vehicle.