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Porsche is known for setting high standards when it comes to crafting their cars. Their concept models are always legitimately well thought out and outstanding. Taycan is no different.
The name ‘Taycan’ is derived from a foreign language (Italian) to translate as “Spirited Young Horse”. The symbol is placed on the heart of the crest on Porsche’s logo. The creative logo represents the brand’s famous engine and ability to sprint like an energetic horse.

The Taycan all-electric vehicle has aroused the curiosity of most electric fanatics. The long-awaited electric car is here with us and as usual, Porsche did not disappoint. Originally the Taycan was known as the mission E but the designers saw the need to redesign it; the result is simply breathtaking!
With the future in mind, Taycan is going to be their pacesetter in Porsche’s electric world. The all-electric sports sedan is perfectly crafted with modern technologies developed for fast cars pushing the limits of electric driving capabilities.

The sports car comes with a complete standard charging system of 800 volts producing an output of 600 horsepower, unapologetically. The automakers claim that the system output is meant to revolutionize the practicality of everyday use. The idea is clients need to charge up fast to get back to business.

The car will be in the showrooms by end 2019 and the early months of 2020. Since this is the first all-electric, Porsche is a little anxious about their first born. Ahead of the official release, the prototypes will be subjected to intense testing to make sure everything is according to plan.
Tesla Model S is its key rival as it was used as a benchmark during the initial stages of the Taycan. However, the car will also compete for a spot against other electric vehicles. Considering that other brands have embraced electric propulsion, the car still has a chance to fire up on the streets.

2019 Porsche Taycan Safety

The car is packaged virtual side mirrors in order to assist the driver with safety information. Hopefully, there will be more advanced safety measures; the driver assists systems and lane assist options. But for now, we will have to wait for the release of the car to have a detailed look.

2019 Porsche Taycan Appearance

Its design takes on the mission E style with an upgrade. Although every detail and body design has been modified, the couple retains its overall Porsche signature appearance, and details in its character from the mission E. The iconic car makes a statement on the road. The low-slung roofline is an eye-catcher with a remarkable boldness.

In general, the four-door-car has a spearhead design with a fundamental short nose structure. The Taycan is well defined at the front fascia with a missing distinctive grille. Although, the car has comprehensive air intakes and outlets on the front, sides and at the back giving it a beautiful finish.
At the end of the stretched Bonnet, the brand added energy saving Touch like LED headlights, unlike the conventional bulbs. I must add it’s a smart idea considering the car is an all-electric car. The lights are unique spicing up the coupe with a futuristic look.

Considering that the Taycan is aimed at being a sporty sedan, it has adopted a bold B-pillars and four hinged doors to improve on its dynamic body rigidity. The defined structure gives it an athletic stance. On the side, the sports car has virtual mirrors with a tasteful clean look. The cameras are reflected in the lower windshield corners. This is not a surprise as automakers now prefer digital mirrors over the conventional ones.

Additionally, the safety information such as black spots or approaching pedestrians can be actively displayed for the driver to see. At the rear, the Porsche comes with a short notch-back design, with a boot door. The door houses a full- width taillights with it’s the brands signature logo ‘Porsche’ below it.

On dimensions, it is relatively a small car, but since it’s meant to be a sports car it’s perfect for its size. The Taycan is 199 mm shorter than Panamera (second generation), 4850 mm in length and 1990 mm in width. In comparison to the Tesla Model S which stretches to 4975 mm in length and 1965 mm in width, the Taycan is smaller.

2019 Porsche Taycan interior and comfort

In reference to the released prototype versions, the Taycan will borrow the 911 model. The driving position will be roomy and comfortable with adequate rear seating for two passengers. According to Zuffenhausen Porsche’s manufacturers, the floor plan will be flat to create enough room for sizable foot-wells in the back.

On technology, the Taycan has an intelligent curved digital screen ahead of the driver and extends to the passenger’s side. The touchscreen slopes nicely on the center console reducing the minimum use of buttons. This design is no different from the original versions but it gives the dashboard a stylish appeal.

The steering wheel is packed with little classy buttons similar to the mission E cross Turismo concept. The idea is to assist the driver use the infotainment without any unnecessary distractions. This is a new outlook for the brand as Porsche is known for going overboard with the vehicles in their cars. To the right, there is a tiny gearbox with a toggle style (Drive, Neutral, and Reverse).

2019 Porsche Taycan family comfort

Porsche is known for making mostly two-seater. With the Taycan they have decided to make it a four-seater to create more room. The rear seater is said to be spacious enough to accommodate an average adult. If you have a small family, you can consider the electric car. You will be able to have a sports car with enough room for your small family. That was very considerate of them. Maybe the automakers may even add a baby seat anchorage for convenience.


Stuttgart is previously praised for their powerful engines. Though this model is all electric, there is no compromise on its performance capabilities. The spirited car is powered by two powerful synchronous electric motors located on the front and rear axle.

The Taycan’s electric motors resemble the 919 hybrids (petrol-electric hybrid driveline) in design, with a rectangular solenoid coil instead of the traditional round wiring. This style has enabled the Porsche to make tighter coils reducing the electric motors size. Other brands like the BMW are also considering this technique for their motors come 2020.

Combined, the electric motors produce 600 horsepower to form an all four-wheel drive system. Thanks to the 270 watts lithium battery, the grand courier is able to cover 300 miles on a single charge. According to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), the range is impractical; therefore it’s possible the automakers will review it.

The charging port can be accessed behind the front wheel arch on a retractable body part. There is a possibility that the manufacturers are considering to provide the electric car with inductive charging option. It would be a big step up as its competitors already implemented the idea.

Taycan’s charging system is said to be extraordinary and the company believes it will make its rivals look bad. With the option of the AC (home charging) and DC (fast charging on the go), the car will not be a fast car but with fast charging capabilities too. The coupe has a charging system with 800 volts that would smoke Tesla’s 480 volts. It is said to be able to charge up to 80% in 15 minutes; this means it can cover a distance of 250 miles.

Critics address this difference as an insult to the already existing California’s already established charging assets. However, the car can be charged via a normal wall socket though at a slower rate. The good news is, the automakers are pushing to introduce the appropriate charging stations. Well, we will see how that goes.

The four-door coupe can achieve a top speed of 155mph and an acceleration of 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds. However, driving at high speeds like 200km can significantly reduce its range. Maybe they will work to improve on that. Note that you can accelerate repeatedly with the electric car without it losing performance, unlike with the Tesla.

2019 Porsche Taycan price

The Taycan’s price is noticeably pricey. It will cost around $130,000 with a $40,000 more for a base model with a turbo. That means you’ll get your value for money. On a lighter note, Porsche is looking to sell around 20,000 units per year, which is an estimation based on previous annual sales on its other models.


In reference to the concept mission E, the Taycan is not coming to play. It bears sleek architecture, athletic, modern, driver- orientation and everyday use practicality. Being the firstborn of the brand, Taycan has a lot to offer and the company is under pressure to maintain its credibility. As far as we’re concerned, the car will bring a new interpretation to the electric world.

With the said capabilities to break the range limits, the car offers the adrenaline junkies to enjoy their fast tracks on an electric car. With the absence of the usual combustion engine, the ride will definitely be smoother and more enjoyable. There is no compromise on the interior comfortably either. All in all, we can eagerly wait for its release and admire from afar.