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BMW X1 2017 review, interior, price

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The new BMW X1 2017 becomes a new hot topic among sports car lovers. It doesn’t only break the competition among similar cars on the market. The impression of a new sports car will be represented well in this car. According to the rumor, BMW won’t make many changes on their new X1. The exterior will be shorter, though. There’s a hope that this new X1 may win the competition among others in the same class. The 2017 BMW X1 also maintains its philosophy either in the terms of exterior or interior. The BMW manufacturer wants to make this car more efficient and powerful.

BMW X1 2017 review, interior, specs, release date, price

BMW X1 2017 refresh

People usually choose a car based on the appearance. The new BMW X1 2017 uses most features from the previous version. There are slight improvements, though. The exterior part will embrace the similar concept from its predecessor. The body frame will be more lightweight with high-quality materials. In the terms of appearance, the car will be more aggressive. Plus, most parts of this car will be lower. It includes the locker panel and the both of fascia. The wheels are similar to the previous model with split spoke feature.

As for the grill and bumpers, they become more conspicuous. This isn’t something that people may expect, though. Perhaps the new 2017 X1 keeps the basic looks of its predecessor. What makes it different? Well, you can get a more modern car with a sportier appearance. Such kind of contemporary impression will be popular among young people. The combination of a modern concept with more forceful appearance is amusing.

BMW X1 2017 review, interior, specs, release date, price

2017 BMW X1 interior

Apart from the exterior of 2017 BMW X1, you need to know about its interior. The cabin is full of entertainment. Both the passengers and the driver can enjoy the fun while riding this car. The dashboard includes a large multimedia screen with a better console. The steering wheel remains useful as it uses a three-spoke feature. As for the safety aspect, you can rely on its auto-braking system and airbags. You will get astonished with its instant braking system to prevent the impact during emergencies. The seats will be more comfortable too as they are made of high-quality material.

2017 BMW X1 review, interior, specs, release date, price

New BMW X1 2017 specs review

A well-built car without a powerful engine is meaningless. The manufacturer still doesn’t give clear information regarding the machine under the hood. There’s a slight hint about it, though. Perhaps, the manufacturer may include a turbo-charged engine with 2.0-L capacity. This engine, at least, can produce up to 250 horsepower with 260 pound-feet of torque. The car also comes with a nice acceleration. It can reach 100 miles per hour only within 5 seconds. Besides the powertrain, the car’s steering also becomes more tuned. Both the suspension and braking are improved as well to make it more comfortable to drive.

New BMW X1 2017 review, interior, specs, release date, price

BMW X1 2017 price and release date

It remains unknown about the launching date of the 2017 BMW X1. Some leaks reveal that the car will be on the United States market at the end of 2016. It can be later than that, though. As for the price, you can expect it around $34,000. The new BMW X1 2017 won’t be much expensive as it includes more features and improvements when compared to its previous model. Both of the features and design are improved as well.