Ford Ranger 2017 price, interior review, specs

Ford Motor Company is feeling proud with their Ranger. It’s one of their popular pickup trucks produced globally. It also gets routine updates in an annual basis. At this moment, the manufacturer is working on their new Ford Ranger 2017. It will have a nice design with some improvements. The appearance of this new Ranger will be more modern and solid. Ford people put much hope on this car. They want to obtain more successful sales when compared to the previous version. The major market will be the United States. Still, Ford also aims for some mid-size markets in different countries. They want to earn positive sales from the 2017 Ford Ranger for sure.

Ford Ranger 2017 price, interior review, specs

Ford Ranger 2017 interior review


A good car comes with a nice exterior design. The new generation of Ford Ranger includes many changes in the terms of layout. A delightful and comprehensive design will make many people attracted to the new Ford Ranger 2017. The front part will be more robust. It’s bigger when compared to its predecessor. The grill gets an update in the term of shape. It uses the trapezoidal design and a more aggressive look. What about the hood? Well, the concept used on the hood will make it more muscular. It will be suitable for the United States market. Many USA citizens like sturdy and powerful semi-truck.

Ford Ranger 2017 price, interior review, specs


Buyers won’t get disappointed with the interior design of the 2017 Ford Ranger. It will be redone with lots of improvements. For instance, you can find an excellent touch-screen in the center of the dashboard. It gives you the freedom to manage everything. There are air vents that make the dashboard easier to use. The new modern technology is included as there’s a new synchronization system. Ford people also give a clue regarding the technologies given to this pickup truck. They will include voice commands and other driver-assist technologies.

The manufacturer won’t overlook the importance of safety for the driver. They include some safety systems like collision avoidance, park assist, navigation control, and many others. It means the risk of an accident is reduced significantly. Not to mention there’s also the electronic control of stability for the car. The driver is able to keep safe while driving this modern car due to those systems.

2017 Ford Ranger price, interior review, specs

2017 Ford Ranger specs

What about the engine? It’s likely the 2017 Ford Ranger will use a new diesel engine with more powerful powertrains. Ford Motor Company may include a better machine of fuel performance. The new Ford Ranger becomes more efficient and durable. There are different engines to choose. The best engine uses a 3.2-liter capacity. It can produce at least 200 horsepower with 350 pound-feet of torque. In fact, the car is able to tow up to 7000 pounds.

The other new engines use lesser power. Customers can choose a particular engine depending on their demands. All of the engines will be combined with either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed auto transmission. Yet, there haven’t been any reviews and ratings regarding the fuel economy. Buyers can expect the best of it, though.

Ford Ranger 2017 price, interior review, specs

Ford Ranger 2017 price and release date

Presently there hasn’t been any formal information about the launching of the new 2017 Ford Ranger. It means people don’t know when the car will be released. According to some rumors, the car will be on the marketplace around the first months of 2017. It can be sooner than that also. As for the new Ford Ranger 2017 price, it will be around $24,000 in the US market. The better trim will be no less than $37,000.

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