Honda CRV 2018

The new Honda CRV 2018 is based largely on what the Honda Civic can offer. The next genera-tion of the Honda CRV is said to have the option to add a third-row seat thus making it bigger than the earlier versions of the car. This new iteration promises to bring back the love into the car with the possibility of having a better look than the current model. For example, the sneak pictures seen on the test model reveal a slightly sportier look that makes it a better competitor in its class. Better still, it retains the signature features of the CRV lineup, which include the de-sign and general look. With competition coming in from other models such as the Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, Nissan Rogue, Hyundai Tucson and Ford Escape, there is the chance that the 2018 Honda CRV will outdo them.

Honda CRV 2018 redesign

Honda CRV 2018 redesign


The interior of the new Honda CRV 2018 is likely going to be larger in respect with the optional addition of a third-row seat. Having the slightly larger interior may change a few aspects about the other parts of the interior such as the size of the space between the occupants and the legs. Besides that, the car will likely spot the new infotainment facilities that allow the user to con-nect their smartphones through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Both facilities will work with the equipment on the car to offer a better navigation, entertainment and the ability to commu-nicate hands free. Most of the interior items such as the rear view mirror, the control panel, the gearshift lever, the great seats and others make their return in this version. There is the expectation that the upholstery may be upgraded.

Honda CRV 2018 interior


The most noticeable thing about the exterior of the 2018 CRV is the slightly different look. One can notice that the new CRV looks more of a sports car than the previous versions of it. The grille is both larger and looks more aggressive than what you get in the current versions of the CRV. Also, there is a longer hood compared to other versions of the car. The exterior also deviates from the look of a minivan seen in earlier versions of the CRV to create a car that looks more like a sports vehicle than your usual car. The beloved vertical taillights are still visible in this car although there are evident changes in the headlights which look like something borrowed from an Acura. The larger interior may denote a slight increase in the wheelbase.

2018 Honda CRV specs

2018 Honda CRV specs

The 2018 Honda CRV will be a powerhouse by all means. It is expected that the next generation of CRV will have an 1.5-liter turbocharged engine rated at 174 horsepower. Given that the new car will be heavier than the previous versions, one can expect that it will have the engine tuned specifically for this purpose. The larger machine will require a lower rpm than the current ver-sion for the best handling capabilities. That means that we could see same engine just like one in the current model – 2.4-liter inline-4 with 185 horses and 181 lb-ft of torque. Also notable is the fact that the engine will come with the standard front wheel drive and have an all-wheel version on the ready. It should be noted that the all-wheel version may have a more powerful engine compared to the front wheel drive version. All models of the new CRV will come equipped with CVT automatic transmission.

New Honda CRV 2018 price, release date

New Honda CRV 2018 price and release date

Honda is likely to make the Honda CRV 2018 release date will be sometime in 2017. The prices may not be different from the current versions and thus the model will range from a base price of $24,265 for a front wheel drive version and go as high as $34,295 for the highest model. However, owing to the optional third row seats, the price for all models may go higher by a slight percentage. Expect this car to handle better than the current version given the additions. With a wider wheelbase and heavier chassis, one can only expect the best from the 2018 Honda CRV. Most notable about the car is that it gets aggressive in its looks thus coming off as a car people from all across the board will love. The sportier look will surely have its fair share of fans drooling over it.

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