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2019 Bentley EXP 12 speed 6e Concept Car Reviews, Specs, Price, Performance

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The new 2019 Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e concept car is Bentley’s first all-electric car with attractive futuristic design. It enters the market with an outstanding definition of the ultimate luxury. This Bentley does not leave anything to chance. The company utilized a basic design that turned out to be marvelous

The concept car is a study to demonstrate how a Bentley all-electric will combine luxury, performance and refinement. It’s designed to revolutionize the EV sector in craftsmanship, driving dynamics and concept. The electric car will come with some of the best car technology available in the market.
It made its first appearance at the Geneva international motor show in 2017 where it wowed the audience making a lasting impression as a luxurious all-electric coupe. It was unveiled as a two-seater car to get perception from clients before finalizing on the final design. According to the creators, involving the customers in the design process of the car is important.

The company assures the customers that they will get value for their money and much, much more. The EXP 12 speed 6e is a groundbreaking project with a competitive edge starting on an electric journey. It’s a well thought out car that is truly innovative and crafted to perfection.

It’s hard not to acknowledge the excellence of the beautiful- convertible Bentley. The concept car showcases the intent to redefine the future. Sticking true to the effortless outcome we can already predict the future of the flying ‘B’.

2019 Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e concept specs

  • Base Price N/A
  • Vehicle Layout 4 door convertible, all-electric coupe, sports car
  • Engine N/A
  • Transmission 1-speed fixed gear
  • Curb Weight N/A
  • Wheel Base N/A
  • Length X Width X Height N/A
  • 0-60 Mph N/A
  • EPA rating Estimated 310 miles on a single charge
  • On sale in the US Fall 2019

2019 Bentley EXP 12 speed 6e concept safety

Most of the basic features are not yet revealed at the moment. Judging from the previous Bentley’s models, the EXP 12-speed 6e concept will not compromise on its safety features. Built for the comfort of its client, the concept car has a reputation to maintain a good star rating.
2019 Bentley EXP 12 speed 6e Appearance

The styling cues are a clear indication of Bentley’s futures design direction. The design is clearly modern, precise, and sharp with typical Bentley curves. The design lead team was up to the challenge to truly define contemporary luxury driving.

Evidently, the EX 12 speed 6e mimics the EXP 10 speed 6 coupe concept that was introduced in 2015 Geneva show. The cars have the same exterior style on the front fascia, curvy sides and oval taillights. If you’re keen enough, you’ll notice both the designs are an improved architecture of the continental GT only smaller.

This design language showcased by the EXP 12 speed 6e concept car is clearly influenced by the traditional Bentley design. Some of the maintained features include the sloping down edgy hood with two scoops, handcrafted copper elements on the Bentley’s grille and the lower inlets. However, these features have been modified to bring out a new looking electric car. However, unlike the traditional design, the wing mirrors have been replaced with digital virtual cameras.

The concept vehicle takes a muscular stance with a power line that raises the bar high. It’s no doubt the car is a sports car with pro aspects contributing to its overall sense of speed. Contrasting copper accentuates the stainless steel finish acknowledging it’s impressive status, with a distinctive ‘6’ logo illuminated on the front grille.

Adrian Hallmark, the CEO, said at the Geneva 2017 show, that they are running into some problems with the available battery capacity as it contradicts with the intended driving range. Nevertheless, the designers’ are working to make a fast electric car with an impressive power range.

2019 EXP 12 Speed 6e Interior And Comfort

The interior styling and technology follow the same approach on perfection. Braced with beautiful materials and luxurious cabin, the EXP 12 speed 6e’s is the ultimate definition of unique, modern and distinctive.

The center console is made of class, with a high definition screen. It is elegantly curved glass protecting a high-definition LED screen. The designers made sure the technology is not only modern but has a life to it. The Intelligent infotainment system acts as the central brain and is referred to as “The Virtual Butler” providing real-life world services. All of the cars onboard controls systems are accessible here consisting of entertainment, climate control, and navigation.

EXP 12 speeds 6e defies the traditional concept of the Bentley and adopts a more groundbreaking design. The seats are packed with luscious red velvet leather, which naturally blends with the dashboard.

Visible stitches are neatly tailored to give the seats a distinctive character.
Similar to the exterior, there are copper details providing the cabin with a tasteful detailed style. Inside the doors, it’s packed with shiny copper panels, handcrafted stitches and smooth wood finishes. With the help of the virtual side cameras (in place of the conventional wing mirrors) the drivers get all the safety road information on the impressive screens.

The steering wheel adopts an airplane’s steering wheel that is both futuristic and practical. It gives the driver access to the media communications and navigations buttons to activate a speed inhibitor, powered performance, and a controlled boost (has a rocket picture).

Initially, the concept was built as a two-seater, but the company has confirmed a possible four-seater electric car. Though the coupe has a low profile, there is enough headroom with a spacious rear seating position. Looking at the car from the outside, it’s hard to imagine the car can comfortably fit adult passengers on the rear. Generally, the interior cabin drafted for comfort, speed and luxury. The whole concept has an entirely different approach towards its driving dynamics and practicality.

2019 EXP 12 speed 6e Family comfort

The concept car will be packed with four seats, with a center console dividing the seats in the middle. It is possible for the Bentley to be convenient for a family excursion. The cabin is luxurious with carefully handmade stitches on the seats, with enough head and leg room for the average adult. At the moment we can only speculate on how the concept car will be, but the truth we can only wait eagerly for it.

2019 EXP 12 Speed 6e Performance

All automakers are embracing electric propulsion as an alternative to the combustion engine. Though Bentley’s designers were a bit reluctant about diving head first into the EV world, they are slowly warming up to the idea. They released their first electric car, Bentayga, as a hybrid version with a v6 petrol engine.

EXP 12 speed 6e is set to be all electric with fast range capabilities. The concept car is expected to have an effortless acceleration from the powertrains and the torque of the electric car. It’s an absolute refinement with a grand touring range that allows the customer to cover a considerable distance on a single charge. For example, the car should be capable to drive from Geneva down to the coast, Paris and London or Milan and Monaco on a single charge. That means it should at least go over 300 miles to 280 miles (450 – 500 km) range.

The Bentley is likely to adopt Porsche mission E platform. The J1 architecture is confirmed as the best performing in the EV industry. It’s capable of covering 310 miles with an output of 600 horsepower. Obviously, the designers will be keen on its charging options and hopefully wireless charging. The luxurious car is too prestigious to skip on such a relevant option.
The fact that range coverage is still a challenge to most automakers; the concept car has an even bigger problem. EXP 12 speed 6e is currently stuck on the idea that the car is supposed to be a sports car with a longer range. The company claims they will find a way around it, eventually.

2019 EXP 12 Speed 6e Price

At the moment the price range is still unknown.


The company claims that EXP 12 speed 6e is built around their ideas to give the company a clear direction and invoke the clients to give their feedback. This process will help them shape their future towards the right direction and remodel the electric mobility. They are set to take the Bentley into a new level of ultimate luxury and comfort than any other EV on the market today.

The automakers failed to reveal the details and we are just left with a lot of speculations. We can just roughly estimate compared to other similar sports EV that would fit its luxurious profile. Regardless of the hidden performance range, the Bentley has won big time on its general appearance. Gracing the Geneva 2017, the Bentley stunned the present audience. Its designer swayed away from the traditional Bentley idea and remodeled it into a different design.

This is a new trend for the company, but it did not fall short of the flying ‘B’ glory. Of course, they have to protect their pride and top notch luxurious stance. The EXP 12 speed 6e is built for speed, luxury and modernity.

Automakers assure the customers that the electric car will be packaged with the impressive drive train, with the latest technology systems in the current market. They just need a little time to polish the already refined specifications.

The concept car is described as a definition of the ultimate luxury. It’s evident with its detailed features, effortless, exclusive and luxurious for the ultimate experience. Hopefully, we won’t have to stay in suspense for a long time.