Toyota Prius 2018

In 2018, Toyota would be expanding the existing line of Toyota Prius vehicles and introduce the all new Toyota Prius 2018. While the Prius Plug-in, Liftback, Prius V and Prius C models will undergo certain degree of redesigning, it is the best hybrid vehicle which is being looked upon as the most important development of the Toyota Prius family. The firm has not released any official communication regarding the specs of the proposed hybrid model of the 2018 Prius. What is known as of now is that the firm is in collaboration with Mazda to come up with good fuel economy and impeccable performance. There are rumors that we could see first Prius crossover SUV with next year model.

Toyota Prius 2018 v redesign

2018 Toyota Prius V redesign


Not many changes are anticipated in the most selling Prius Liftback model in 2018. However, the Prius C and Prius V models are expected to undergo certain changes in terms of exteriors. The exterior of the cars would be featuring big fenders, bold taillights and a sleek beltline. The efforts of the manufactures in improving the elegance and style of the 2018 models without compromising on the basic design would be clearly evident with the pushed back look and improved aerodynamics of the vehicle.

2018 Toyota Prius interior


In terms of interior, the new Toyota Prius 2018 will come with added features that will improve the usage and the functionality. It is expected that the establishment consoles between the seats will offer a shallow storage space, an armrest and cup holders. The cabin will see the speedometer and the scale selection rest high in the dashboard. The 2018 model may feature a new head-up screen that would help the driver with relevant driving information to assist in better driving.

Do not expect any sunroof in the 2018 Prius as that is not what the earlier models had offered. The higher models will boast of its intriguing seat textiles that will be made of leather. While the leg space would reduce by a couple of inches, that would be compensated by the improved luggage capacity of the car.

Toyota Prius 2018 mpg specs

Toyota Prius 2018 mpg specs

Four cylinder gasoline engines along with CVT is expected for all the models of 2018 Toyota Prius cars. The all new V model and Liftback model will be powered by 1.8 liter engines that will deliver about 121 HP. The 0-60 mph time is going to be about 9.8 seconds and the expected mileage for Prius V is going to be 43 mpg in city and 39 mpg in highway. The mileage for the C trim level is expected to be about 2-3 mpg than its predecessor, the 2017 Prius C. This means that the mileage of the C model is going to be 55 mpg in city and 48 mpg in freeway conditions. This is quite impressive for a vehicle in its class.

Toyota Prius 2018 price, release date

Toyota Prius 2018 price and release date

The new Toyota Prius 2018 is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2017. The Prius Liftback model is expected to be priced at around $27,000 and the Prius Prime would be priced in the range from about$28,000 to $33,500. The redesigned 2018 Prius C would be priced in the range of $21,000 to $25,000 and the all new Prius V model will be available at about $30,000 to $32,000.

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